Trust Fabrics – ZEDEDA Transform Digest Series Video

Join us for this installment of Transform Digest on the topic of trust fabrics! Learn how this emerging technology that takes a system-level approach to enabling data confidence on networks, serving to foster entirely new experiences and business models, help combat fake data automated by AI, and address compliance requirements like GDPR. Panelists include industry experts Steve Todd (VP Data Innovation and Strategy, Dell Technologies), Mat Yarger (Head of Mobility, The IOTA Foundation) and Mic Bowman (Senior Principle Engineer, Intel Labs).

  • The definition of a trust fabric
  • Why trust fabrics will be a critical enabler for digital transformation
  • Opportunities and challenges in developing the technology
  • Key vertical use cases, both near and longer term
  • The relationship between trust fabrics and secure software supply chain
  • Related industry efforts, including the Linux Foundation’s new Project Alvarium effort

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