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Extend your reach with the ZEDEDA partner ecosystem. Whether you’re learning about our partner program or looking for a ZEDEDA partner, check out the resources below to get started.

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Extend your reach with the ZEDEDA partner ecosystem.

Why Partner with ZEDEDA?


ZEDEDA partnerships bring together complementary strengths and expertise, resulting in the development of more robust and integrated solutions for customers. Join us and partner with hardware and software providers already leveraging ZEDEDA technology for simplified solution-building. We focus on ensuring that solutions are fully compatible across different hardware and software platforms.

Edge Expertise

ZEDEDA’s leadership in edge orchestration is underpinned by its cutting-edge solutions that manage, secure, and automate distributed edge networks. This technology is crucial for businesses looking to leverage the power of IoT and edge computing, enabling them to process data closer to where it is generated for real-time insights.


Simple device provisioning and application deployment removes the barriers to expanding your reach. A key factor in ZEDEDA’s success is its highly scalable and secure platform, which can manage thousands of devices across diverse locations. This scalability is critical for enterprise customers who need to deploy and manage large fleets of edge devices seamlessly.

ZEDEDA Partner Ecosystem


Enable edge operations teams to deploy and manage your applications at scale

Technology Suppliers

Become an approved supplier and enable customers to drop ship solutions straight to the field

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Channel Providers

Accelerate customer edge deployments and recognize new revenue streams

Open Source

Help us build open source EVE and drive standardization and build flexible, future-proofed solutions

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OEM Partners

Unlock your applications at the edge and capture new revenue opportunities with ZEDEDA OEM solutions

GSI Partners

Benefit from global systems integrator (GSI) partners help create edge offerings with the ZEDEDA platform

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