Orchestration for Every Edge

A flexible foundation for any industry or use case.



Industries embracing edge computing are creating more scalable, secure, and dynamic environments, ultimately leading to competitive advantage

Use Cases

Building edge solutions is complex, and every enterprise has different edge requirements, given the diversity of applications, clouds and hardware.

ZEDEDA Benefits

Orchestrate Everything

Complete remote management, security, visibility, auditing, and compliance

Reduce Onsite Cost

Eliminate the need for specialized IT resources at remote sites.

Industry Leading Security

Highly secure, HW root of trust, SOC-2 compliant solution.

Remote Application Management

Manage and update applications without network connectivity or physical access to hardware.

Run Legacy Apps

Run modern applications side by side with legacy operating systems.

HW Agnostic

Deploy on any Edge hardware including low power and low compute devices.

Our Customers

What our customers have to say

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“We have standardized on ZEDEDA as a critical part of our solution, enabling us to extend DeltaV to the distributed edge and provide AI-based data analysis for real-time support for automated decision-making”
Claudio Fayad,
Vice President of Technology, Process Systems and Solutions,
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“ZEDEDA plays a key role in allowing us to securely deliver industrial edge solutions to any customer. Even in the far reaches of organizations in physically rugged and insecure environments, customers can deploy core applications and securely access valuable machine data.”
Chirayu Shah,
Director of Product Management for Edge, Data and Analytics,
Rockwell Automation
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“Leveraging ZEDEDA’s unique approach to orchestrating a wide range of apps (ours and our partners’), is making deployment of edge computing platforms easier.”
Sujit Kumar,
President and CEO,
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“ZEDEDA enabled us to focus on delivering value to our customers while providing a mature orchestration solution for the distributed edge, saving us years of development time and getting MachineEdge ready for the market.”
William Blankemeir,
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“With ZEDEDA we have an automatic process that’s faster, less prone to error, and future-proofed. We can manage nodes remotely, easily update them, and have the peace of mind of knowing that if software failure happens, we can deal with it”
Ivan Arkipoff,
PV Hardware
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“We’ve been confident in the robustness and reliability of ZEDEDA’s platform to manage our edge fleet. As we continue to grow and innovate, we’re reassured by ZEDEDA’s support, ensuring the quality and robustness of our architecture”
Jamal Abdelkhalek,
IoT Software Engineer,



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