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The ZEDEDA Marketplace of customer and curated applications enables edge operations teams to deploy and manage your applications at scale

ZEDEDA Edge Marketplace

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ZEDEDA collaborates with leading-edge technology providers to offer advanced, versatile solutions tailored for a wide array of edge computing scenarios. This partnership approach allows ZEDEDA to harness the expertise and innovations of top industry players, ensuring solutions are highly adaptable to diverse requirements.

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Pre-tested and validated offerings are crucial in simplifying the process of developing enterprise-ready edge solutions. ZEDEDA-validated solutions remove uncertainties and complexities traditionally associated with deploying edge technologies. Businesses can confidently adopt these solutions and focus more on leveraging edge computing’s benefits.

Experiment with new technologies

Experiment and quickly try new technologies without the pesky sales teams and demo requests. This method allows for direct, unfettered access to the latest technological innovations, enabling users to explore and evaluate new tools and systems at their own pace. With the ZEDEDA marketplace, users gain the freedom to experiment with different options, make informed decisions based on firsthand experience, and quickly adapt to evolving technological landscapes.

Featured Partners

Seamless deployment from factory to field

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Secure and manage distributed edge environments at scale

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Secure Edge Application Orchestration for Platform Teams and Developers

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Remove the Complexity of IoT Environments in the Field

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Connect and safeguard edge
networks at scale

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Deploy and scale AI solutions at the edge with ease and efficiency

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Secure and flexible network infrastructure for edge environments

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Enable one-click application deployment and remove barriers like security, and networking challenges

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Enable customers deploy and update applications from anywhere

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