Remove the Complexity of IoT Environments in the Field

Losant and ZEDEDA have partnered to provide a seamless edge computing solution enabling the efficient management and orchestration of workflows in distributed environments.

Solution Overview

Together, ZEDEDA and Losant solve the challenges of implementing innovative IoT and edge applications at scale in the field. Benefits include:


  • Collect, centralize and integrate data from connected systems and easily process, analyze and display insights
  • Easily implement behavioral changes across connected devices, reducing complexity and time to market
  • Custom build any white-labeled web application around your data
  • Orchestrate at scale with zero-touch onboarding and remote management of the entire underlying edge infrastructure, including hardware, OS, and application VMs and containers
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How We Do It

The joint solution deploys the Losant Gateway Edge Agent within minutes via the ZEDEDA Marketplace, enabling your IoT application with offline support, integrations with industrial equipment, and local hardware control.

About Losant

Losant is an enterprise IoT platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to help businesses develop and deploy IoT solutions with ease and efficiency. The platform is recognized for its ability to facilitate the rapid creation of IoT applications for various industries, including manufacturing, smart environments, and logistics, among others.

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