A Simple & Scalable Edge Orchestration Solution

ZEDEDA delivers visibility, control and security for the distributed edge with the freedom of deploying and managing any application on any hardware at scale.
Product Overview

ZEDEDA for Enterprise

Manage workloads and applications with ZEDEDA’s complete edge orchestration platform, engineered for the enterprise

ZEDEDA for Embedded/OEM

Capture revenue at the edge with ZEDEDA’s complete edge orchestration platform, engineered for embedded OEMs

Product Overview

How It Works

ZEDEDA provides an edge orchestration and management solution delivering applications and workloads to edge devices. ZEDEDA provides a flexible foundation, improving the visibility and security of your edge infrastructure, ZEDEDA:

  • Consists of two components. EVE-OS, a bare metal virtualization engine and ZEDEDA Cloud, a SaaS-based controller
  • Provides an edge infrastructure for deploying and updating solutions across thousands of nodes.

  • Ensures your application and infrastructure control planes are separated

  • Utilizes a Zero Trust security model, addressing the unique, perimeter-less security challenges of edge infrastructure

  • Maximizes asset efficiency with a consistent, secure orchestration system

zededa visibility security

Services Overview

Manage your applications with ZEDEDA Edge Application Services

ZEDEDA Edge Application Services make managing edge devices and applications effortless.  These distributed, cloud-native, edge-first services simplify the security and remote management of edge infrastructure and applications at scale.

  • Built on ZEDEDA’s market leading edge orchestration technology.
  • Enables IT administrators to securely manage distributed edge applications and devices from a single location.
  • Increases visibility, security, and control of your edge deployments.
  • Reduces the cost of managing and orchestrating distributed edge infrastructure applications.
  • License and deploy only services required for your unique edge deployment while leveraging the entire ZEDEDA ecosystem.
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