Monitor and Manage Fleets of Edge Nodes in Disconnected Environments

Securely manage fleets, including configuration updates and monitoring in challenging networking environments.

ZEDEDA Edge Sync is a secure and convenient local management solution for air gapped environments and deployments lacking consistent cloud connectivity.

Full control

Air Gapped Networks

An air gapped environment is a highly secure setup where a network or system is completely disconnected from the internet and other external networks. This isolation prevents unauthorized access and cyber threats from outside sources, ensuring the safety of sensitive data and systems.


Continuous and secure fleet management in challenging environments

For customers operating in ultra-secure environments with isolated, air gapped systems, or those contending with connectivity hurdles due to deployment constraints or frequent planned outages, ZEDEDA Edge Sync provides a seamless local management solution. ZEDEDA Edge Sync runs on the local network to manage fleets when not connected to the cloud, without creating conflict once connection to ZEDEDA is restored. This allows continuous and secure fleet operation in challenging edge environments.

ZEDEDA Edge Sync provides a management and monitoring API that enables customers to build their own custom integrations, applications, and HMI interfaces leveraging ZEDEDA’s API-based approach.

Secure, seamless, local edge management and monitoring

Zero Trust

Best and most comprehensive Zero Trust security model for the edge

Zero Touch

Simple, local device management and monitoring with no onsite expertise required

Zero Limits

Access to edge devices, containers, and applications on air gapped, disconnected, or unreliable networks

Local Admin

Local Edge Management

Locally manage and monitor devices seamlessly regardless of connectivity status

Industry Leading Technology

Built on ZEDEDA’s industry leading, market proven edge orchestration technology as part of ZEDEDA Edge Application Services


Fleet-level management of air gapped and fully connected sites without the need for separate solutions based on network connectivity