Remotely Manage and Debug Your Edge Applications

Provide secure, seamless remote access to applications and devices on the distributed edge with ZEDEDA Edge Access.

ZEDEDA Edge Access eliminates the overhead associated with conventional methods of remote access, providing a streamlined and efficient alternative.

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Secure, seamless remote edge application access

Zero Trust

Best and most comprehensive Zero Trust security model for the edge

Zero Touch

Simple device provisioning and configuration avoids complicated bastion host or jump servers

Zero Limits

Easily scales to multiple sites and multiple users all managed from a single location


Full Remote Debug

Give full debug access to your application developers from anywhere


Supports Existing Tools

Connect to your existing technologies like RDP, VNC, and any networking protocol


No Expertise Required

Dropship hardware with no field installation, local configuration, or expertise required


Granular Access Control

Allow access only to approved users, applications, and protocols


Industry Leading Technology

Built on ZEDEDA’s industry leading, market proven edge orchestration technology


Lower TCO

Reduce cost vs traditional VPN and 3rd party service solutions

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Full control

Support mission critical applications at the edge

  • Maintain and debug your critical assets at the edge, instantly from anywhere at anytime
  • Built-in RBAC to control who can access and manage edge assets
  • Allow access only to approved devices, applications, and protocols
  • Supports all existing tools including RDP, VNC, and any TCP/IP connection
EA display ports
EA active session

Secure Access

Leverage ZEDEDA’s industry leading secure orchestration architecture

  • Automatic encryption of user sessions
  • Zero Trust security out of the box with no specialized skills or infrastructure needed
  • No constantly applying security updates to bastion host or jump servers
  • Provide secure access to 3rd parties for troubleshooting in customer environment

Our Customers

What our customers have to say

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“We have standardized on ZEDEDA as a critical part of our solution, enabling us to extend DeltaV to the distributed edge and provide AI-based data analysis for real-time support for automated decision-making”
Claudio Fayad,
Vice President of Technology, Process Systems and Solutions,
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“ZEDEDA plays a key role in allowing us to securely deliver industrial edge solutions to any customer. Even in the far reaches of organizations in physically rugged and insecure environments, customers can deploy core applications and securely access valuable machine data.”
Chirayu Shah,
Director of Product Management for Edge, Data and Analytics,
Rockwell Automation
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“Leveraging ZEDEDA’s unique approach to orchestrating a wide range of apps (ours and our partners’), is making deployment of edge computing platforms easier.”
Sujit Kumar,
President and CEO,
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“ZEDEDA enabled us to focus on delivering value to our customers while providing a mature orchestration solution for the distributed edge, saving us years of development time and getting MachineEdge ready for the market.”
William Blankemeir,
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“With ZEDEDA we have an automatic process that’s faster, less prone to error, and future-proofed. We can manage nodes remotely, easily update them, and have the peace of mind of knowing that if software failure happens, we can deal with it”
Ivan Arkipoff,
PV Hardware
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“We’ve been confident in the robustness and reliability of ZEDEDA’s platform to manage our edge fleet. As we continue to grow and innovate, we’re reassured by ZEDEDA’s support, ensuring the quality and robustness of our architecture”
Jamal Abdelkhalek,
IoT Software Engineer,



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