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How ZEDEDA Helps

Emerson relies on ZEDEDA to extend the DeltaV Distributed Control System, a foundation for intelligent control of all plant activities, to the edge, enabling full connectivity and real-time data analysis for automated decision making.

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“Complete edge orchestration platform enables users to focus on delivering value to customers”
ZEDEDA also provides visibility into application logs, resource utilization, device events, and network traffic, among other things. We have confidence in their security-centric approach. ZEDEDA allows our company to focus less on infrastructure and focus more on delivering value to our customers.
“Strong features and security posture for the industrial edge”
While VM support was necessary, a clear path to a fully containerized future was paramount. The ability to support a “simple” and more “complex” spectrum of container support is a core enabler as we ramp up the inventory of containerized applications
“Easy software deploy all over the world”
ZEDEDA enables us to deploy software with ease. Our environment is widely spread around the world and it’s a big help to know the status of every device at all times.

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