Edge Connectivity in Oil & Gas: A Conversation with SLB and ZEDEDA

July 10, 2024

Edge Connectivity Oil Gas

In the world of oil and gas exploration and production, data is the new oil. But what happens when your drilling rig is miles from the nearest cell tower, and unreliable network connectivity leads to costly, disruptive downtime that jeopardizes operations? How do you ensure the smooth and consistent flow of data, the very lifeline for real-time decision-making and reliable customer services?

Tackling Networking Connectivity Challenges in Edge Environments like those described above was the central theme of a recent webinar hosted by ZEDEDA’S Field CTO and VP of Strategy Raghu Vatte. The webinar featured insights from SLB IT Architect Jeff Griesel and ZEDEDA’s own Senior Principal Product Manager Daniel Derksen. Let’s dive into three key takeaways from this insightful discussion:

1. Data: The Lifeblood of Modern Oil & Gas

Griesel emphasized the critical role of data in the oil and gas industry. From seismic surveys to real-time drilling data, information is collected at every stage of the process. This data not only informs decision-making but also helps optimize operations and ensure the safety and integrity of the well. However, the remote nature of edge deployments in oil and gas operations presents a significant connectivity challenge, including lack of access to 4G or 5G cellular networks, which can lead to delays in data transmission.

2. The High Stakes of Downtime

Downtime in the oil and gas industry carries a hefty price tag. Griesel highlighted the staggering losses a single offshore platform can face—up to $190,000 for every hour operations are stalled. Beyond the immediate financial hit, prolonged downtime can also tarnish a company’s reputation. This underscores the importance of reliable connectivity solutions that can ensure continuous data flow and minimize disruptions.

3. ZEDEDA Edge Sync: A Solution for Disconnected Environments

To address these challenges, Derksen introduced ZEDEDA Edge Sync, a solution designed to manage and control edge devices even in disconnected or air-gapped environments. ZEDEDA Edge Sync acts as a bridge between disconnected and connected environments, allowing operators to:

  • Manage devices locally: Monitor, restart applications, and perform other essential tasks without cloud connectivity.
  • Synchronize configuration changes: Ensure consistency between cloud and local configurations, even in disconnected scenarios.
  • Maintain fleet-level management: Manage and update multiple devices in a coordinated manner, regardless of their connectivity status.

ZEDEDA Edge Sync is also designed with security in mind, leveraging encryption to protect configuration data and ensure that only authorized devices can decrypt it. It’s also a stateless application, meaning it can be easily redeployed without data loss if needed.

Understanding the impact of network connectivity on drilling operations is crucial. ZEDEDA Edge Sync represents a significant step forward in addressing these challenges and ensuring the smooth flow of data even in the most remote and disconnected environments.


To gain a deeper understanding of edge connectivity challenges and solutions in the oil and gas industry, watch the full webinar. You’ll hear directly from industry experts, learn about real-world use cases, and discover how ZEDEDA Edge Sync can transform your edge operations.


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