Tackling Networking Connectivity Challenges in Edge Environments

Despite advancements in connectivity at the edge, many edge deployments still confront network connectivity challenges due to their distributed nature. Learn how to deal with complexities like intermittent connectivity, air gapped environments, and network security at the edge in this webinar. Join Raghu Vatte, Field CTO of ZEDEDA, Jeff Griesel, IT Architect at SLB, and Daniel Derksen, Product Manager at ZEDEDA as they discuss how to overcome network connectivity challenges that are unique to edge environments.

You will also get an introduction to ZEDEDA’s new Edge Sync Service. This service is a secure and convenient management solution that can run on an edge deployment’s local network tailored for air-gapped environments and deployments lacking consistent cloud connectivity. Using this service, organizations can monitor and manage fleets of edge nodes locally, ensuring continuous and secure operation even amidst connectivity disruptions. ZEDEDA Edge Sync provides a management and monitoring API that enables customers to build their own custom integrations, applications, and HMI interfaces on top of it, leveraging ZEDEDA’s API-based approach.

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