Deciphering the Edge at the Inaugural Edge Field Day

March 14, 2023

It is so exciting to be a part of an emerging industry. That excitement gets compounded when you get to discuss it with other like-minded individuals. Last month we had the honor of participating in the first
Edge Field Day.  For those not familiar with the Tech Field Day events, you can learn more here.

Edge Field Day was Tech Field Day’s nod to the quickly-growing edge computing industry. It was a brand new event focused on all things edge computing. In addition to us, others in the space also presented, such as companies like Avassa, Scale Computing, and OpenGear, just to name a few.

What made the Edge Field Day event so exciting is that it put a bunch of really smart people together in the same room (both live and virtual!) to discuss some exciting new technologies. What made it even more appealing is that while most of the focus was technical, the panel (audience and presenters) never lost sight of the real problems that edge computing solves every day.

There were many conversations about how organizations need accurate data, and in real time, in order to drive desired business outcomes. Yet in today’s global marketplace, that data is often spread around the world, and in many cases, to the furthest corners of it. Enter the need for edge computing.

Organizations can only make the best, most well-informed decisions, if they have the most accurate and current data. They MUST move to an outcomes-based model, where data is processed at the source, and in real time.

That is what edge computing offers. That theme was never lost at the Edge Field Day event. All of the conversations took a deep dive into technologies that give organizations the ability to harness the power of the distributed data – enabling organizations to instantly drive more accurate decisions, and ultimately, better business outcomes.

Want to learn more? Check out our sessions from the event.


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