Customer Demand Drives Product Innovation – ZEDEDA Launches New Edge Application Services Suite

July 25, 2023

Services Overview

The great thing about being part of an evolving market is the constant pull. By this I mean, as your customer base grows, you learn about their needs more deeply. This in turn leads to faster product innovation. As a leader in the edge management and orchestration space, we get to see this first hand.

That is why I am so excited to announce our new ZEDEDA Edge Application Services suite. Today ZEDEDA launched a new line of edge application services, expanding our orchestration platform to include granular edge application controls and configuration services for improved application performance, management and security.

And in keeping with that market pull, individual customers can select the edge services that meet their specific application requirements, leveraging the ZEDEDA ecosystem. The first of these services is ZEDEDA Edge Access. It enables administrators and platform operations teams to instantly access any remote device from any location at any time. It is a simple solution that provides secure access, control and audit tracing for edge deployments.

Edge Access Diagram

One of our customers, a VP in Digital Innovation at a large industrial equipment manufacturer, said it best: “Our solutions are deployed within customer environments, and it can be challenging to access these systems and their related networks.  ZEDEDA Edge Access will simplify our remote workflows by letting us quickly and easily access on-premise deployed applications with the security and control we need, without requiring the complexity of managing additional infrastructure or tools.”

This customer “pull” is driving the edge market to evolve from infrastructure-only to value-added services. And it is these new services that will enable our customers to manage, configure and control their edge applications, all by leveraging the ZEDEDA ecosystem.

I am thrilled to share this announcement. It is such a good example of customer-driven innovation, spurred by a growing market. If you’d like to learn more about our new Application Services suite, or ZEDEDA Edge Access, please let us know.



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