Emerson Modernizes the Industrial Edge With ZEDEDA

December 14, 2022

Industrial organizations are constantly looking for ways to modernize their operations. A critical way to do this is by extending cloud capabilities to their edge operations, and that is exactly what Emerson is doing. Emerson (NYSE: EMR) is a global technology, software and automation leader. 

Emerson integrates ZEDEDA’s edge management and orchestration solution into its DeltaV™ automation system. This enables their customers to extend DeltaV to the distributed edge. This expansion will deliver enhanced OT solutions while also continuing into the IT environment, providing software-defined automation and revolutionizing how customers can deploy and connect workloads within their distributed environments. 

“Industrial environments are constricted by siloes and segmentation,” said Nathan Pettus, president of Emerson’s process systems and software business. “By leveraging edge technologies built on current infrastructure and deploying software as orchestrated workloads, our work with ZEDEDA enables us to bring IT and OT innovation together and create a new paradigm for the industrial edge.”

But wait – it goes even deeper than the joint development of a new paradigm for the industrial edge. Emerson is already a customer of ZEDEDA. Today we announced a strategic investment from Emerson Ventures, Emerson’s corporate venture capital arm. This investment underscores their commitment to both ZEDEDA and the industrial edge. 

“As companies embrace digital transformational change, we see great promise for ZEDEDA’s cloud-native solution to modernize edge computing in industrial environments,” said Thurston Cromwell, vice president of development and innovation and head of Emerson Ventures. “ZEDEDA is a great example of what Emerson Ventures looks for in a strategic partner.”

When asked about the newly expanded partnership, Said Ouissal, CEO of ZEDEDA said, “This is a strong testament on how edge computing provides manufacturers with the ability to modernize their existing operations and address emerging use cases driven by cloud-native apps like AI and computer vision and I couldn’t be happier about this next phase of our relationship.”



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