Secure and Manage Distributed Edge Environments at Scale

ZEDEDA and AI EdgeLabs have partnered to deliver a comprehensive security solution for distributed infrastructure.

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Solution Overview

Together, ZEDEDA and AI EdgeLabs address the unique security challenges of the distributed edge and provide a multi-layered security approach. The solution:


  • Uses a zero-trust security model designed to address the unique, perimeter-less security challenges of edge infrastructure
  • Leverages crypto-based device identification, which eliminates the need for local device login credentials
  • Incorporates measured boot and remote attestation throughout the entire stack, from firmware to OS, container, and application to ensure software integrity.
  • Provides runtime edge-based security, powered by AI, offering multi-layered protection for edge infrastructure in real time
  • Integrates comprehensive security capabilities like network-based asset discovery and monitoring, real-time threat detection and response, and a distributed AI-based edge firewall
  • Zero-touch onboarding and remote management of the entire underlying infrastructure, including hardware, OS, and application VMs and containers

About AI EdgeLabs

Scalarr was founded in 2017 with deep-rooted expertise in Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity. A crack team of passionate professionals quickly identified a gap in the edge security market. Scalarr dedicated over two years of R&D and product development before introducing AI EdgeLabs. We are revolutionizing edge security with an AI-powered edge-native approach to deliver advanced security performance and efficiency.

We are proud to work with leading technology companies across the industries, such as energy, oil & gas, healthcare, transportation & logistics, smart cities, retail and others. Our customers feel confident with AI EdgeLabs’ real-time end-to-end security solutions and trust our in-line protection for distributed edge environments.

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