An Embedded Orchestration Platform Built for Market Expansion

Unlock new revenue opportunities at the edge with ZEDEDA’s powerful SaaS and API solutions designed to help you move quickly while increasing security and control.

Product OEM

Capture revenue with edge management and orchestration

Increased Revenue

Enable new revenue streams with a distributed edge management and orchestration paradigm

App Marketplace

Private marketplace of applications available for single-click edge deployments at scale

API Integration

Comprehensive cloud APIs to support existing applications and integrate into customer facing management systems

Any Hardware

Hardware-agnostic open OS backed by a certified partner ecosystem

Remote Everything

Complete management, security, orchestration, visibility, auditing, and compliance remote solution

Go To Market Support

Personalized sales training, Edge Academy learning platform, and sales enablement provided

The ZEDEDA OEM Experience:

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Specify desired technology and edge applications for your customers.


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Add your applications and runtimes to your new customer marketplace

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Work together with ZEDEDA’s APIs to build your ideal customer experience.

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No IT staff required at customer site, simply connect and power and network

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Use automation or the marketplace to deploy edge applications

Make Money

Create a software marketplace for your customers

  • Complete control over your branded marketplace and applications
  • Customers can add and update applications whenever they want without the risk of bricking devices
  • Create new revenue streams and upsell new applications to customers on one device

Product OEM
Product OEM
Expand your market

Extend cloud investments to the rapidly growing edge market

  • Deploy legacy and modern solutions with support for NFVs, runtimes, virtual machines, and containers.
  • Deploy your cloud applications beyond the datacenter with ZEDEDA’s edge-engineered solution

  • Put ZEDEDA’s platform to work and address your edge strategy today.

Be Secure

Address the unique threat vectors of edge computing

  • A comprehensive security model that addresses HW, OS, VM, container, and application security
  • Complete RBAC and secure multi-tenancy to keep your customers configurations safe
  • A SOC 2 compliant SaaS platform ensuring safe and secure operations

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Our Customers

What our customers have to say

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“ZEDEDA plays a key role in allowing us to securely deliver industrial edge solutions to any customer. Even in the far reaches of organizations in physically rugged and insecure environments, customers can deploy core applications and securely access valuable machine data.”
Chirayu Shah,
Director of Product Management for Edge, Data and Analytics,
Rockwell Automation
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“Leveraging ZEDEDA’s unique approach to orchestrating a wide range of apps (ours and our partners’), is making deployment of edge computing platforms easier.”
Sujit Kumar,
President and CEO,
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“ZEDEDA enabled us to focus on delivering value to our customers while providing a mature orchestration solution for the distributed edge, saving us years of development time and getting MachineEdge ready for the market.”
William Blankemeir,
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With ZEDEDA we have an automatic process that’s faster, less prone to error, and future-proofed. We can manage nodes remotely, easily update them, and have the peace of mind of knowing that if software failure happens, we can deal with it.
Ivan Arkipoff,
PV Hardware
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ZEDEDA has been a true partner in assisting us every step of the way to ensure the success of the implementation. Our collaboration also triggered changes in the product for our needs in a true spirit of co-creation.”
Luciano Torres,
Product Owner & Architect IOT Platform,



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