Secure Orchestration for Any Use Case

Whether consolidating workloads, doing predictive maintenance, or deploying embedded applications, enterprises are leveraging ZEDEDA’s edge orchestration solution to increase competitive advantage and drive efficiency.

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Remote Data Processing

Wireline Logging services are provided by Oil Field Services to oil companies to help with the logging of data. Logging service providers require the ability to have their solution support multiple Oil Companies at the same time using the same infrastructure, with clear separation of data.

ZEDEDA makes this possible through:

  • HW agnostic solution that can run on low power/compute devices
  • GPU and FPGA support for intensive workloads
  • Remote troubleshooting and configuration
  • Highly secure, TPM, and SOC-2 compliant solution 
  • Central orchestration of diverse applications with or without Network connectivity


remote data processing
workload consolidation

Workload Consolidation

As new, cloud-native applications become more common within organizations, there are still existing applications running critical operations that must be supported. Workload consolidation enables legacy applications to run within VMs on modern hardware with improved security and performance capabilities, alongside containerized applications.

ZEDEDA enables:

  • Consolidation of modern applications alongside legacy solutions on the same hardware
  • Remote fleet-level management and orchestration, increasing efficiency
  • The ability to deploy applications and controllers remotely
  • Remote support, eliminating the need for local on-site IT support

Remote Application Management

Continuous operation of assets is critical across industries, and unplanned downtime may risk human safety, regulatory compliance, production goals, and unexpected costs. The ability to remotely monitor and manage applications at scale is paramount to successful and efficient operation.

ZEDEDA enables:

  • Security and reliability of edge devices with or without connectivity
  • Central orchestration of applications and services across all the Edge devices
  • A hardware-agnostic offering that can operate on bare metal for high-performance applications.
Remote App Management
Field Diagnostics

Field Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance

Managing the operations of highly distributed locations, such as wind or solar farms, creates a number of challenges. Often located in remote locations with minimal connectivity and harsh conditions, an edge orchestration solution must monitor, analyze, and perform near real-time responses to prevent downtime.

ZEDEDA enables:

  • Choice of hardware and applications to process different types of sensors (e.g., regular telemetry, audio, and video)
  • The ability to centrally monitor and manage edge devices remotely
  • The deployment and updates of applications analyzing sensor data

Trusted Computing in Insecure Environments

The physically insecure and geographically distributed nature of environments such as automotive dealerships creates a unique challenge for enterprises to provide secure, trusted computing services and to meet strict security and compliance requirements.

ZEDEDA enables:

  • Turnkey agile edge infrastructure requiring no on-site IT expertise, replacing legacy laptop-based infrastructure
  • Centralized management of firmware and security updates ensuring secure, customized software delivery at scale
  • Automation of auditing and compliance tasks directly from the cloud
Performance Location

Performance/Location Sensitive Applications

Customers with highly distributed environments rely on applications at the edge to locally process data, gain actionable insights, and make real-time decisions. Retailers need to track store foot traffic in real time and enable intelligent resourcing to limit customer queues, prevent stockouts, prevent losses, and provide superior customer experiences.

ZEDEDA enables:

  • Customers to deploy high-performance applications supporting computer vision processing to track and reduce inventory shrinkage
  • The use of edge devices to track on-shelf availability of stock to prevent shortages and improve customer satisfaction
  • Retailers to improve customer experience through smart checkout, tracking customer preferences, and providing location-specific services

Expand Your Market

As customers innovate and continue to offer solutions and services to generate new revenue streams, they need the ability to orchestrate these offerings securely at scale, including the ability to offer the new features on existing hardware in-place at the customer site. Often large capital purchases for equipment force customers to choose functionality at purchase time. As capabilities are added and requirements change it can be very expensive to truck roll new equipment.

ZEDEDA enables:

  • Flexible deployment of new features and updates to existing customers
  • Customers to create a new software subscription business model offering custom subscriptions of any duration
  • New capabilities on-demand, enabling a business’ customers to use and pay for functionality when they need it, without shipping new hardware, and easy configuration updates when demand changes
Expand Market

Our Customers

What our customers have to say

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“We have standardized on ZEDEDA as a critical part of our solution, enabling us to extend DeltaV to the distributed edge and provide AI-based data analysis for real-time support for automated decision-making”
Claudio Fayad,
Vice President of Technology, Process Systems and Solutions,
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“ZEDEDA plays a key role in allowing us to securely deliver industrial edge solutions to any customer. Even in the far reaches of organizations in physically rugged and insecure environments, customers can deploy core applications and securely access valuable machine data.”
Chirayu Shah,
Director of Product Management for Edge, Data and Analytics,
Rockwell Automation
QuotesZededa arrows
“Leveraging ZEDEDA’s unique approach to orchestrating a wide range of apps (ours and our partners’), is making deployment of edge computing platforms easier.”
Sujit Kumar,
President and CEO,
QuotesZededa arrows
“ZEDEDA enabled us to focus on delivering value to our customers while providing a mature orchestration solution for the distributed edge, saving us years of development time and getting MachineEdge ready for the market.”
William Blankemeir,
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“With ZEDEDA we have an automatic process that’s faster, less prone to error, and future-proofed. We can manage nodes remotely, easily update them, and have the peace of mind of knowing that if software failure happens, we can deal with it”
Ivan Arkipoff,
PV Hardware
QuotesZededa arrows
“We’ve been confident in the robustness and reliability of ZEDEDA’s platform to manage our edge fleet. As we continue to grow and innovate, we’re reassured by ZEDEDA’s support, ensuring the quality and robustness of our architecture”
Jamal Abdelkhalek,
IoT Software Engineer,



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