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Deployment at the distributed edge is driving computing closer to the source where data is being generated. Industries adopting edge computing devices are at the forefront of creating scalable, secure, smarter and sustainable enterprise environments. Whether deploying thousands of sensors or large complex systems, our customers are pursuing real-time data monitoring and processing to improve efficiency in the age of digital transformation.


Accelerate Intelligent Manufacturing

Manufacturers navigate a complex landscape to innovate, meet production demands, maintain quality, and ensure worker safety, while maximizing efficiency.

With ZEDEDA’s cloud-based orchestration solution:

  • Support any use case including OEE, predictive maintenance, quality control, and logistics
  • Consolidate workloads by running legacy apps (e.g., SCADA, HMI, historian) in virtual machines alongside modern applications (e.g., AI/ML) in containers
  • Maximize asset efficiency with a consistent, secure orchestration system
  • Segment layered OT control networks from IT systems with distributed firewall capability
  • Schedule software updates outside of production windows
  • Create new revenue streams as an OEM / machine builder
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas

Optimize Performance and Reduce Costs

The increasing value of actionable insights at oil rigs, wells and refineries can potentially save millions of dollars by reducing pipeline/well equipment failure while improving operational performance and ensuring worker safety.

With ZEDEDA’s cloud-based orchestration solution:

  • Support any use case in upstream and downstream operations spanning rigs, wells, refineries, transport systems, and retail outlets
  • Securely add edge intelligence with segmentation from your DCS and other critical systems
  • Run AI/ML apps alongside legacy workloads, integrate with on-premises apps (e.g., historian) and any cloud
  • Deploy computer vision apps for regulatory monitoring (e.g., flare detection) and worker safety
  • Eliminate truck rolls and minimize employee exposure to hazardous areas

Create a Sustainable Future

Energy providers rely on computing capabilities that span many disciplines and geographies and often, have resources in difficult-to-reach environments with no local staff. They need technology that enables them to not only deploy quickly in new environments with the right computing capabilities but also require condition-based monitoring, predictive maintenance, and rich analytics to reduce costs.

With ZEDEDA’s cloud-based orchestration solution:

  • Support any use case including demand response (ADR), predictive maintenance, monitoring microgrid/DER infrastructure and workload consolidation in substations
  • Deploy edge analytics to minimize expensive broadband connectivity between fields assets and the cloud
  • Securely proxy data from remote assets to any cloud
  • Remotely disable edge compute IO to prevent unauthorized installations
  • Provide employees and service providers with secure access to remote infrastructure with full audit capability

Improve Your Customer Experience

Retail services are delivered by gathering and understanding customer behavior, anticipating needs, and offering personalized discounts/services. For this, retailers are enabling RFID tags and smart shelves, automating systems, improving staff allocation and security, and optimizing supply chain and inventory.

With ZEDEDA’s cloud-based orchestration solution:

  • Support any use case including safety and security, loss prevention, autonomous/contactless checkout, personalized shopping, and smart warehousing, distribution centers and logistics
  • Consolidate existing POS and inventory management solutions with new intelligent apps (e.g., AI computer vision)
  • Securely deploy and manage edge hardware, including in constrained locations with limited power and cooling
  • Accelerate edge computing for real time customer needs and address poor store connectivity

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