ZEDEDA Edge Academy Ramps Up with New AI Features, Certification Badges, and Advanced Training

December 12, 2023

Meet “Z-Bot,” ZEDEDA’s new advanced AI chatbot (BETA)

Last month, ZEDEDA Edge Academy announced the integration and testing of advanced AI capabilities available in both ZEDEDA Help Center and Zendesk Support. These new features enhance customer support with faster and more streamlined product and training assistance and help-ticket resolution. 

Key features include:


  • AI Chatbot in ZEDEDA Help Center, dubbed “Z-Bot”:
    • Experience faster and more efficient issue resolution through an intelligent AI chatbot.
    • Locate relevant help article summaries and information instantly and seamlessly with AI-driven self-service.
    • Ask Z-bot to open a support ticket on your behalf and get faster response times. (Coming soon)
    • Explore Z-bot, now available in beta! Go to and look for the chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen.
  • AI in Zendesk Support:
    • ZEDEDA support agents are empowered with AI intelligence, reducing ticket resolution times, and improving overall efficiency.
    • AI intelligence provides ticket insights including intent, sentiment, conversation summaries, and new macro suggestions.


Earn a ZEDEDA Certification and get a digital badge

ZEDEDA has partnered with digital credential provider Credly, enabling users to earn ZEDEDA badges upon completion of certification programs and share these awards on social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Meta and more. ZEDEDA currently offers certification and training badges for:

Once earned, the badges are yours to keep within your Credly user account. Explore available certifications and badges at and come back frequently as we will soon be adding additional training opportunities and releasing new badges.


Take your ZEDEDA orchestration knowledge to the next level 

Experienced ZEDEDA Edge Orchestration Engineers will soon have a new opportunity to advance their ZEDEDA orchestration skills. A continuation of the ZEDEDA Edge Orchestration Essentials curriculum, ZEDEDA Advanced Edge Orchestration will provide the tools and methods necessary to perform advanced tasks and, ultimately, satisfy a variety of business requirements. The advanced course will be available in Q1 2024 and is open to users who have completed the Edge Orchestration Essentials course or have equivalent ZEDEDA orchestration knowledge or experience. 

During this course, users can expect to cover the following concepts:

  • Projects with a deployment policy
  • Edge node onboarding
  • Using ZEDEDA CLI
  • Using APIs
  • Enabling, configuring, and using EdgeView
  • Upgrading EVE-OS from CLI
  • Edge Access
  • Health monitoring
  • Local operator console

ZEDEDA Advanced Edge Orchestration will be offered free of charge and will also be eligible for a digital badge through Credly upon successful completion of the course. 

To learn more about ZEDEDA Edge Academy programs, visit

Say hello to Z-Bot at



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