ZEDEDA Edge Academy Launches New Certification Program for the Edge

February 28, 2023

Nearly a year ago we launched ZEDEDA Edge Academy, the industry’s first learning center for edge computing. Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of the ZEDEDA Certification Program (ZCP), a new certification for customers, partners and employees seeking to validate their knowledge and skills with ZEDEDA’s edge management and orchestration solution.

Over the past year we’ve seen that the audience for ZEDEDA Edge Academy courses and content extends far beyond ZEDEDA customers and partners, to the general public. We have 10 courses to compliment dozens of product training videos available today and have a robust roadmap of new training offerings in development. With the launch of the ZCP, we’re taking the first step in enabling our audience to certify their knowledge. Qualified individuals will be recognized as thought leaders within the industry and help us to drive forward industry standards and best practices.

The first exam available today, the ZEDEDA Edge Orchestration Professional, is a deep-dive into the ZEDEDA solution and is geared toward ZEDEDA administrators. This certifies that the individual has the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform end-to-end configuration, implementation and operational management to meet edge orchestration requirements. Next, we are developing a certification offering targeted at a wider audience to drive a fundamental understanding of edge orchestration and management industry concepts. We believe this is a must-have in the ZCP and a critical step for first adopters of the edge.

Details about the certification program, including exam blueprints, prep materials, and instructions on how to get started are available at ZEDEDA Edge Academy.  The ZCP program is free for a limited time, including training and exam preparation materials. Once acquired, the certification is valid for two years. 

Are you ready to put your knowledge to the test? Learn more about the ZEDEDA Certification Program and get registered today!



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