Why I Joined the ZEDEDA Team

April 28, 2022


I’m excited to announce that I recently joined the ZEDEDA team as their VP of Global Marketing! In previous leadership roles I have enjoyed creating visibility for companies in emerging markets, just like ZEDEDA. However, this one feels a bit more special, as the company is sitting at the intersection of several dynamic markets and technologies, such as the distributed edge, virtualization, IoT, and the leading open source framework.

I’m thrilled to embark on this new adventure. ZEDEDA has a stellar team filled with really smart business and technical folks, as well as a cutting edge (literally) product.

At ZEDEDA, I’ll be responsible for building awareness and accelerating ZEDEDA’s momentum. In fact, in just two weeks, the marketing team has already doubled in size and will continue to scale in order to keep up with the rapid growth of the company! (For more information about new marketing team hires, feel free to visit ZEDEDA’s career page). 

One of the things that makes ZEDEDA so special is how they leverage open source. I’m a true believer in open source software. Open ecosystems are necessary to provide the flexibility and security to increase the pace of business transformation and create new business opportunities. I decided to join ZEDEDA because I believe in the value of edge and IoT solutions and I’m thrilled to be a part of this innovative, emerging market. 

According to IDC, “73% of organizations view edge solutions as a strategic investment” and “by 2024, there will be an 800% increase in the number of applications at the edge.” “ZEDEDA is bringing together all the necessary elements (technology, ecosystem partners, and industry collaboration) to deliver on the promise of digital transformation at the edge,” notes IDC. I’m excited to work with analysts and research teams to further define the need for open edge technology. 

I am so thrilled to become a part of the ZEDEDA team and I’m looking forward to expanding the business. If you’re also interested in becoming a part of the ZEDEDA team, check out what roles are available – we’d love to have you! 



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