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We’ve driven innovation at big box companies, open source companies, and cloud companies. Now we’re taking what we’ve learned and are building something more, something new, something at the cutting edge.


Data can be used for good. Our customers want to use their data to increase revenue by delivering better customer experiences, reducing operational costs, and reducing safety risks. Our customers want to do good and ZEDEDA is here to help them.

Company History

Our history does begin like your typical Silicon Valley story of a few smart individuals coming together working in a garage (well, in our case it was on top of a garage). We had decades of experience, at Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, and other cloud and open source companies, in connecting places, people and most recently things, but we wanted to do more. We noticed things were changing; data at the edge is exploding not only from devices but more data from each device. All this data is highly distributed from different types of devices, different locations and different applications. The only way to harmonize all this diversity was to drive a standard, open source, cloud-native edge. This edge has to be highly efficient and different from previous generation of distributed computing- this edge has to be virtualized. We founded ZEDEDA focused on edge virtualization to deliver visibility, control and protection for distributed edge gateways, applications and networks at the enterprise edge as a cloud-based service.

Our team
  • Said Ouissal Founder / CEO Said Ouissal Linkedin
  • Erik Nordmark Co-founder / CTO Erik Nordmark Linkedin
  • Darren Kimura COO Darren Kimura Linkedin
  • Kevin DeNuccio Founder, Wild West Capital Kevin DeNuccio Linkedin
  • Juan Muldoon Partner, Energize Partners Juan Muldoon Linkedin
  • Bilal Zuberi Partner, Lux Capital Bilal Zuberi Linkedin
  • Steve Mullaney CEO, Aviatrix Steve Mullaney Linkedin
  • Padraig Stapleton Engineering Padraig Stapleton Linkedin
  • Michael Pearl OEM and Embedded Sales Michael Pearl Linkedin
  • Ryan Hesson Enterprise Sales Ryan Hesson
  • Paul Campaniello Marketing Paul Campaniello Linkedin
  • Raghushankar Vatte Product Management and Customer Success Raghushankar Vatte Linkedin
  • Mike Maxey Business Development Mike Maxey
  • Cleo Valeroso People Operations Cleo Valeroso Linkedin
  • Prosenjit Pal Managing Director, India Prosenjit Pal Linkedin

Our Investors

Our investors range from angel investors and Silicon Valley entrepreneurial leaders to institutional investors and are some of the foremost innovative, forward-thinking in the industry. They are all bold in their visions and collectively bring expertise from innovation incubation in Silicon Valley and deep enterprise technology knowledge from energy and industrial sectors.


We’ve gathered together a team of special individuals. The ZEDEDA team looks at a challenge like “extend the cloud so the world can build cloud-native apps outside the datacenter” and thinks “sure, why not!”

For cloud apps to operate outside the datacenter, something completely new must be created. Inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time. “Any app, every where” changes everything…We’re united by our common desire to constantly challenge the status quo to find the answers. We thrive on solving the problems that have no defined “box” to think outside of – we’re creating the box.

Want to join us in creating the box? See our open positions here.

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