Leading Edge Trail Blazers

We’ve driven innovation at big box companies, open source companies, and cloud companies. Now we’re taking what we’ve learned and are building something more, something new, something at the cutting edge.


Data can be used for good. Our customers want to use their data to increase revenue by delivering better customer experiences, reducing operational costs, and reducing safety risks. Our customers want to do good and ZEDEDA is here to help them.

Our team
  • Aaron Williams Marketing
  • Allen Wittenauer Engineering
  • Amanda Fein-Tower Marketing
  • Andrea Boren Marketing
  • Ankur Mishra Engineering
  • Avi Deitcher Engineering
  • Behdad Ebadifar Sales
  • Bharani Chadalavada Engineering
  • Bree Doyle Administration
  • Dave Smith Sales
  • Erik Nordmark Co-Founder
  • Jennifer Blatnik Marketing
  • Joel Vincent Marketing
  • Kalyan Nidumolu Engineering
  • Magnus Almquist Sales
  • Michel Onstein Engineer
  • Naiming Shen Engineering
  • Raghu Vatte Engineering
  • Ravi Vaidyanathan Engineering
  • Robert Mally Finance
  • Roman Shaposhnik Co-Founder
  • Said Ouissal Founder / CEO
  • Sarah Beaudoin Marketing
  • Seyi Verma Marketing
  • Shaunak Tulshibagwale Engineering
  • Vijay Tapaskar Co-Founder
  • Vinai Sirkay Business Development
  • Aravind Telkar Engineering
  • Atul Manohar Engineering
  • Chandan HM Engineering
  • Chirag Kantharia Engineering
  • Hari CS Engineering
  • Gopi Krishna Kodali Engineering
  • Kavya S Engineering
  • Manal Roshan Fathima Administration
  • Prosenjit Pal Engineering
  • Rishabh Gupta Engineering
  • Sankar Patchineelam Engineering
  • Sahil Sadanand Satpute Engineering
  • Singh Saurabh Engineering
  • Srinibas Maharana Engineering


We’ve gather together a team of special individuals. The ZEDi Knights look at a challenge like “extend the cloud so the world can build cloud-native apps outside the datacenter” and thinks “sure, why not!”

For cloud apps to operate outside the datacenter, something completely new must be created. Inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time. “Any app, every where” changes everything…We’re united by our common desire to constantly challenge the status quo to find the answers. We thrive on solving the problems that have no defined “box” to think outside of – we’re creating the box.

Want to join us in creating the box? See our open positions here.

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