Recap from Computex 2019 and Microsoft “IoT in Action”

June 22, 2019

One of the authors (Behdad) at the event demo

One of the authors (Behdad) at the event demo

Recently, a team from ZEDEDA had the opportunity to attend the Microsoft “IoT in Action” event hosted at this year’s Computex conference in Taipei. We enjoyed supporting several of our partners through a variety of demonstrations and discussions during the week, all of which highlighted important innovations in edge computing.

At “IoT in Action,” we demonstrated how edge virtualization gets Azure IoT projects up and operational in minutes using automation, rather than manually standing up each IoT gateway. This automation is critical when scaling out an IoT project to many sites and the numerous IoT gateways that go with them. For this live demo, we deployed an Azure IoT application on an IoT gateway, capturing temperature, humidity, vibration, and other real-time data from a model wind turbine motor. This data was then sent to Azure IoT Hub, where we were able to display the data using Power BI. We highlighted ZEDEDA’s zero-touch capabilities that enable secure deployment and management of the IoT gateway, as well as application deployment on that gateway, in a few simple steps. Once the app was deployed on the gateway, in this case an Advantech gateway, we showed how the data began to stream to Azure IoT Hub. We also highlighted a second application running on the same IoT gateway within a virtual machine, demonstrating the ability to reduce hardware needed onsite by running multiple workloads on one IoT gateway. This consolidation can be done through virtual machines or containers and supports legacy and next-gen applications. One attendee commented that the ease of use, hardware-agnostic approach, and ability to support legacy, brown-field applications are things that clearly make ZEDEDA a key technology they will leverage when connecting the edge to the cloud.

Our partner Lanner also presented their SilosBreaker™ Edge Security Kit at a Computex session, showcasing ZEDEDA’s management, control, and protection technology bundled with Lanner’s trusted hardware. It was exciting for us to see Lanner present a joint solution that can have broad applications for the industry at an Intel Solution session.

Overall, we had a great time being in Taipei and seeing all of the newest technology powering edge computing. One thing we found particularly interesting at the event was the number of solutions that focused on applications; examples include anomaly detection and preventative maintenance, leveraging machine learning models built in the cloud. These applications don’t necessarily provide a robust, secure management solution in and of themselves, however, and that’s where ZEDEDA can help.

We always enjoy the opportunity to work with our amazing partners like Microsoft, Advantech, and Lanner, and as we continue building out the ZEDEDA product, we’re looking forward to forging additional relationships with more companies. If you’re interested in hearing more about how ZEDEDA can help power your edge solution, please reach out to us at [email protected]