Visibility, Control and Security for the IoT Edge

ZEDEDA is a simple and scalable cloud-based IoT edge orchestration solution that delivers visibility, control and security for the distributed edge with the freedom of deploying and managing any app on any hardware at scale and connecting to any cloud or on-premises systems. With ZEDEDA customers can now seamlessly deploy and manage any edge compute node to instantly unlock the value of IoT data and make real-time decisions.

Automated IoT Edge Orchestration

The ZEDEDA Advantage

  • Zero Limits

    Use any app on any hardware at scale and connect to any cloud – no vendor lock-in!

    Run legacy and cloud-native apps simultaneously

    Bulk deploy apps with a single click of a button

  • Zero Trust

    Eliminate hardware spoofing, detect software stack anomalies and ensure device integrity

    Monitor and control data across apps and nodes and easily detect suspicious activities

    Meet compliance and regulatory needs and reduce data breaches and leakage

  • Zero Touch

    Instantly on-board and manage devices remotely – no IT expertise required on site

    Deploy and manage apps and system software automatically from the cloud

    Roll-forward or roll-back apps and base OS – no bricking and risk free!

Bringing Cloud Agility to the IoT Edge

how it works

Built on an Open Foundation to Eliminate Lock-in

ZEDEDA leverages Project EVE, an open edge computing engine developed with vendor-neutral open source governance as part of the Linux Foundation’s LF Edge organization. The purpose of EVE is to simplify the deployment, orchestration and security of cloud-native and legacy applications on distributed edge compute nodes. EVE encrypts data, maintains device and software integrity through hardware root of trust (e.g. TPM) and supports VMs, containers and clusters (Docker and Kubernetes) to create a flexible foundation for customers to consolidate workloads and future-proof edge deployments.

LF Edge - Project eve


Simple and Intuitive IoT Edge Orchestration