Key Highlights from VMware Explore 2022

September 16, 2022

This year’s VMware Explore (previously known as VMworld), was held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA (August 29 – September 1). It focused on how to solve today’s challenges of multi-workload, multi-cloud, and multi-workspace IT environments. Through keynotes, breakout sessions, small group sessions, hands-on labs and more, over 15,000 attendees were able to gain insights on how to accelerate cloud transformation, build and operate a cloud native platform, secure and empower a hybrid workforce, and connect and secure clouds and apps. In total, the event had 12 tracks across these five main focus areas – enough topics to go around for anyone who was interested in learning from their multi-cloud community experts and peers. 

ZEDEDA was excited to participate in the VMware Explore festivities and jump-started activities the very first day – ZEDEDA hosted customer round tables and customer meetings nearby to discuss edge computing technology innovations, problem solving for digital transformation and data acceleration challenges, and answering any questions customers had regarding ZEDEDA’s cloud-native edge management and orchestration solution.

On Tuesday, VMware Edge Compute Stack 2.0 was enthusiastically announced at a session, which enables device edge supporting core processors – extending the edge stack with Kubernetes. ZEDEDA recently signed a multi-year OEM agreement to supply VMware with an award-winning edge orchestration solution as part of VMware’s Edge Compute Stack. (For more information on how ZEDEDA and VMware are partnering to accelerate customer adoption of the distributed edge, check out this blog).

ZEDEDA’s Founder and CEO, Said Ouissal, and VMware’s Mariyln Basanta, Director of Product Management, Edge Computing were featured speakers during the session, “Edge Computing Is the Next Evolution of Cloud,” (you can still watch it, if you missed it!). During this session, they discussed the new capabilities in VMware Edge Compute Stack, a single stack available in different sizes that supports edge-native apps built on VMs, containers, or WebAssembly (which also leverages multi-cloud services, runs standard OS or real-time OS, enables IT and OT to deliver intelligent real-time solutions, and is delivered consistently to far edge enterprise sites and near edge). 

ZEDEDA’s Founder and CEO was also featured in the CUBE, at this year’s VMware Explore.  He joins hosts, John Furrier and Lisa Martin, to discuss industry trends around edge computing, challenges for OT and IT, what’s new with ZEDEDA’s cloud-native edge management and orchestration solution, and more. Watch the video here.

Raghu Vatte, VP of Customer Success and Product Management, ZEDEDA, Purna Mehta, Sr. Product Manager, VMware, and Mayank Juneja, Sr. Product Manager, VMware, spoke at the session, “Take Modern Apps to the Edge with Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations.” Throughout the session, these experts provided insights on how you can leverage VMware Tanzu to bring your modern containerized workloads to the edge. If you missed the live session, you can check out the video here.

Lastly, if you’d like an overall recap of this year’s VMware Explore, you can catch all the recorded sessions in this VMware Explore video library. Stay tuned for key highlights from next time, and we hope to see you at VMware Explore 2023!



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