Secure Zero Touch Kubernetes Orchestration for the Distributed Edge

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 7.40.04 AMAs the edge emerges as the next frontier of computing, it’s a natural evolution for Kubernetes, a powerful containerization framework to be extended from centralized data centers to edge use cases. However, deploying Kubernetes clusters on edge infrastructure is a challenge due to factors like available compute footprint, geographic distribution, security, and the inherently diverse nature of hardware, software and skillsets.

This white paper explores the benefits and unique challenges of deploying Kubernetes at the edge, including the unique needs of both IT and OT professionals. Topics include:

  • Why Kubernetes at the edge
  • Considerations for deploying Kubernetes at the edge
  • Starting with the right foundation
  • Selecting the right Kubernetes distribution at the edge
  • ZEDEDA’s orchestration solution and architecture

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