PV Hardware Reduces Overall Device Provisioning and Field Installation Time by Up to 75% with ZEDEDA

June 16, 2022

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PV Hardware, headquartered in Spain, is one of the largest solar tracker manufacturers in the world. As a leading provider of innovative trackers, structures, and SCADA solutions for utility-scale PV solar plants, PV Hardware’s customers rely on its systems to optimize energy production. Although, as the company continued to scale its global footprint, PV Hardware began to face stringent processes and challenges like: lengthy delays between device provisioning and deployment, tracker downtime, time-consuming manual device deployment and management, remote and restricted sites, limited Internet access, and zero field IT staff. 

While undergoing these obstacles, PV Hardware soon realized that in order for the company to scale globally, it must have a better solution to provision, deploy, and orchestrate the edge nodes running its critical applications. PV Hardware turned to ZEDEDA, the leader in orchestration for the distributed edge. And, in no time, the company experienced immediate and effective results. Not only did the manufacturing company simplify its provisioning and deployment of its edge nodes, but ZEDEDA helped PV Hardware to establish a future-proof foundation – offering additional value-added services to its customers. 

Here’s what the CTO of PV Hardware, Ivan Arkipoff, said about the company’s journey and experience implementing an edge computing solution, “With ZEDEDA, we’ve been able to reduce the overall device provisioning and field installation time by up to 75%.” He continued to enthusiastically state, “With ZEDEDA we have an automatic process that’s faster, less prone to error, and future-proofed. We can manage nodes remotely, easily update them, and have the peace of mind of knowing that if software failure happens, we can deal with it.” 

ZEDEDA makes edge computing effortless and intrinsically secure, reducing the cost of distributed infrastructure management and application orchestration, extending the agility of the cloud experience to the edge. With ZEDEDA, your organization will have a distributed, cloud-native architecture to the edge, enabling simplified management and security of all edge nodes, without the risk of vendor lock-in. 

To learn more about the benefits and results PV Hardware achieved with ZEDEDA, check out the full case study here.


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