Innovative Pump Technology Company Increases Security and Agility with Cloud-Native Edge Management and Orchestration

September 28, 2022

Since 2018, PeopleFlo has focused their core offering on pump digitalization hardware and software designed to transform pump performance, from lower life-cycle cost for end users to greater environmental protection for the planet. They’re working hard to bring intelligence to pump systems through digitalization, engineering design, and innovation.

PeopleFlo MachineEdge, specifically improves pump performance, reduces energy consumption by 50% and drives down CO2 emissions – while improving motor, pump and control valve reliability. It also optimizes the operation of pump systems through real-time edge intelligence, AI, and automation. Leveraging Azure IoT as the company’s platform foundation, PeopleFlo decided to work with ZEDEDA’s leading cloud-native edge management and orchestration solution, to enable deployments of MachineEdge at scale. 

ZEDEDA’s Azure IoT integration gives PeopleFlo the ability to deploy and manage MachineEdge devices and their Azure IoT apps for data acquisition, pump optimization, diagnostics and equipment protection. Furthermore, with the Zero Trust security model from ZEDEDA, PeopleFlo can also securely control data flow from MachineEdge to Azure IoT Hub, while protecting critical assets in the field. Uptime is maximized through risk-free updates and fully autonomous operation if connectivity is lost.

Overall, working with ZEDEDA, PeopleFlo was able to achieve: 

  • Comprehensive security – ensures the integrity of MachineEdge hardware, apps and data in both greenfield and brownfield deployments, leveraging the Zero Trust security model
  • Agility, time to innovate eliminates the need to build an orchestration solution in-house or attempt to adapt a non-optimized solution, and fast-tracked MachineEdge readiness 
  • Simplicity, ease of use no specialized training for field deployment, while enabling remote management of MachineEdge hardware, the Azure IoT Edge runtime and app modules and any other required applications
  • Flexibility, scalability no vendor lock-in, while future-proofing MachineEdge deployments with a flexible solution for brownfield and greenfield pump systems

According to PeopleFlo, “When we focused our company on MachineEdge’s pump system optimization, we needed solutions to three challenges: updating software external to our Azure IoT Edge modules, holistic device security and device monitoring. ZEDEDA provided a secure solution for device management and application deployment while future-proofing MachineEdge for new innovations.”

Check out the full customer story for more information on how PeopleFlo utilizes ZEDEDA to transform the future of pump digitalization, engineering design, and innovation.



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