Accelerate Time to Value with LF Edge Sandbox

January 23, 2024

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If you’re an edge developer, then you likely know the challenge of sorting through open source software projects to find the ones that are right-sized for your new program or application. Add to that the complexity of the distributed edge, which introduces its own set of unique requirements and challenges related to hardware diversity, limited compute footprint, geographic distribution, data security, and scalability, and it’s easy to understand why organizations like LF Edge—a Linux Foundation organization–was formed to create a unified community for open source edge projects.

As a developer, you’re likely jumping into open source project experimentation by connecting your own data and applications while hoping for a positive outcome. But before that can happen you need to download, deploy, and initiate these new open source projects. Even with great documentation, the process to  ‘get open source running’ can consume valuable time and delay the ‘real work’ you want to get done. This is what the LF Edge Sandbox was created to solve. 

Last month, LF Edge announced the upcoming availability of the LF Edge Sandbox, a free self-service centralized platform designed to help developers quickly learn about and test open source projects to develop proof of concepts, demonstrations, and end-user experiences, and today marks the first day that developers and others can access this unique workspace.

LF Edge Sandbox dashboard

Developers eager to gain time back to focus on building solutions will be pleased to find easier and faster deployment of LF Edge projects via the LF Edge Marketplace, a catalog of software solutions that can be deployed in seconds via a few clicks. Beyond the included open source catalog, you can also securely test private applications on real-world use cases. 

As a founding member of LF Edge, ZEDEDA is excited to make available the SaaS instance and related SRE capabilities to enable the LF Edge Sandbox, making it possible to remotely manage and orchestrate edge hardware running LF Edge project applications. This service leverages EVE-OS, a universal, open Linux-based operating system for distributed edge computing that enables secure device management and application orchestration at scale. An open source project on LF Edge, EVE-OS also supports diverse hardware, enables ease of installation and use, and provides a curated collection of pre-built, pre-tested, and certified applications that can be deployed to edge devices with a single click.


 Our commitment to open source

Since its founding in 2016, ZEDEDA has demonstrated a deep respect and passion for the role of open source in the development of edge computing solutions. We believe that the open source community is a crucial component of the distributed edge ecosystem and the future of edge computing. To that end, we have worked closely with many open source projects, including donating the source code to LF Edge for Project Eve, from which EVE-OS was developed. 

By offering our SaaS solution to create the foundational infrastructure for the LF Edge Sandbox, we hope that it will not only provide a simple and straightforward way to learn about and adopt LF Edge projects but also broaden the availability of click-and-deploy open source projects to a  wider audience, ultimately leading to more innovation and faster adoption of edge computing technologies.

You can learn more about the LF Edge Sandbox at or get started testing LF Edge open source projects here.



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