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The inaugural ZEDEDA Transform was held on August 19, 2020. Below you’ll find technology and business focused panel discussions, as well as sessions from ZEDEDA partners on solutions for a number of horizontal and vertical use cases.




Why Connected, Trusted & Open Edge Ecosystems Will Propel Us to the Next Era of Digital Transformation & Society


Said Ouissal, ZEDEDA CEO and co-founder highlights the key challenges and drivers behind edge computing and how an open ecosystem is required to successfully tackle these dynamics.

The Importance of an Open Edge for Digital Transformation


Moderated by Dave McCarthy, Research Director at IDC, panelists Matt Trifiro (State of the Edge, Vapor IO), Gavin Whitechurch (Topio), Gary Mintchell (Manufacturing Connection), and Jason Shepherd (ZEDEDA) join this discussion of the opportunities for open vs. closed ecosystems at the edge.

Fireside Chat: Perspective from Agora (a Schlumberger Venture) on Digital Transformation with Edge & IoT Solutions


ZEDEDA CEO Said Ouissal sits down with Sujit Kumar, President and CEO of Agora, to discuss what it entails to successfully implement digital transformation.

Industry Trends in Buildings, Energy, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, and Retail


Dilip Sarangan (Frost & Sullivan) discusses vertical challenges, opportunities, and future direction with panelists Mariya Zorotovich (Intel Retail), Nithiyakumar Parameswaran (Rockwell Automation), Prithpal Khajuria (Intel Energy), and Abuzar Manager (Schlumberger).


State of the Stack: Best Practices in Edge and IoT Architecture


Moderator Stephanie Atkinson (Compass Intelligence) and panelists Blake Carlson (Park City Labs), Jason Bourg (EdgeMicro), Aaron Allsbrook (ClearBlade) and Paul Anderson (Cognizant) discuss key considerations and best practices for IoT and Edge solution architecture.

Edge AI


Moderator Philippe Cases (Topio Networks) leads this discussion on the key considerations, opportunities, and challenges when deploying AI at the Edge with panelists Saurabh Mishra (SAS), Goran Applequist (Crosser), Jags Kandasamy (LatentAI) and Sastry Malladi (FogHorn).

Digital Twin and AR/VR


Richard Soley (Object Management Group) moderates this discussion on key digital twin considerations and use cases with panelists Rob Tiffany (Ericsson), Ed Wood (Dispersive), and Mike Pantaleono (Rockwell Automation).

Edge Security


Moderator Sid Snitkin (ARC Advisory Group) and panelists Chris Grove (Nozomi), Riaz Zolfonoon (RSA), Chris Shaunfield (Accenture), and Erik Nordmark discuss the unique considerations and best practices for IoT and Edge security.

Introduction to Project EVE and Bridging to Kubernetes


Harry Forbes (ARC Advisory Group) moderates this discussion on LF Edge EVE and how it fits into the edge continuum, as well as the needed steps EVE will take to bridge Kubernetes to the IoT Edge, with panelists Brad Corrion (Intel), Malini Bhandaru (VMware), Sebastian Scheele (Kubermatic), and Roman Shaposhnik (ZEDEDA).


Digital Transformation Enabled by Edge AI


Leonard Lee (NeXt Curve) leads this discussion on the challenges, best practices, and use cases for Edge AI along with panelists Robert Mazer (Smart City Works), Doug Harp (Momenta Partners), Terry Boon (SparkCognition), Niranjan Patel (Samsung), and Chase Hawkins (Microsoft).

Matchmaking in the Ecosystem


Stacey Higginbotham (Stacey on IoT) moderates this discussion on building a scalable ecosystem with panelists Andy Timm (CrucibleWorx), Roland Ducote (Arrow), Barry Kaufman (FastLane), Jeff Cornwell (Microsoft), and Jason Shepherd (ZEDEDA).

Navigating OT/IT Convergence


Moderated by Daniel Newman (Futurum), panelists Gary Mintchell (Manufacturing Connection), Brian Turner (Buildings IOT), Mike Fahrion (Advantech), Travis Cox (Inductive Automation), and Ginger Smith (Honeywell Connected Enterprise) discuss the challenges and opportunities as OT and IT organizations converge to enable digital transformation.

Remote Orchestration in a COVID World


Moderated by Mark Williams (Channel Company), panelists Travis Cox (Inductive Automation), Sam Hoff (Patti Engineering), Mat Yarger (IOTA), and Nati Shalom (Cloudify) discuss how businesses are leveraging technology to cope with COVID-19.

Innovating with Managed Services in a 5G World


Evan Kirstel (eViRa) leads this discussion on how organizations are able to leverage major technology transitions to drive business forward, with panelists Phil Marshall (Topio), Steve Mullaney (Aviatrix), Guneet Bedi (relayr), and Antonio Pellegrino (Mutable)


Open Innovation in Retail


Solution presented by HP, Intel, IOTech, and SAS

Remote Monitoring for Industrial Operations


Solution presented by Advantech, Arrow and Dianomic

Secure Industrial IoT Data Routing and Workload Consolidation


Solution presented by Lanner, Nozomi and VyOS

Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas


Solution presented by Agora, Foghorn and HPE

Intelligent Manufacturing


Solution presented by Microsoft and Rockwell Automation

Optimizing Distributed Energy Operations


Solution presented by Dianomic, Dispersive and OSIsoft

The Role of Edge Computing in Building Automation


Solution presented by Buildings IOT and SkyFoundry

Scaling Safety and Security Solutions at the Edge with Remote Orchestration


Solution presented by Mirasys and ServerLI

Enabling Connected Field Service with a Multi-Tenant Edge


Solution presented by Advantech, ClearBlade, Crosser, and LatentAI

Remote Monitoring for Healthy and Safety


Solution presented by SAS and Supermicro


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