ZEDEDA Edge Academy: Empowering Customers to Transform Their Operations with Edge Computing Solutions

June 2, 2022

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We’re excited to announce the launch of the ZEDEDA Edge Academy, the industry’s first free online hub with educational resources on edge computing and ZEDEDA’s solution for unlocking a company’s digital future at the edge. To share more insights into this exciting new launch, ZEDEDA’s Senior Director of Learning and Edge Academy, Kevin Freitas, shares some insights into Edge Academy from his own perspective during this Q&A session: 

Q: What is the purpose of Edge Academy? 

A: Edge Academy is empowering customers and partners to make the most of their investment in ZEDEDA by enabling their success through our growing educational resources and training offerings. Together, with the newly redesigned Help Center, which provides technical documentation on the ZEDCloud solution, we’re excited our users now have access to a free platform delivering e-learning courses, how-to videos and more, to assist in just-in-time product onboarding. 


Q: How did this project begin and what was the vision? 

A: Our CEO started with the vision and concept based on the understanding that training is essential to delighting customers and supporting successful deployments. Our goal – to build a roadmap and start up Edge Academy early, instead of playing catch up down the road – was critical to ZEDEDA and for our customers and partners alike. So that’s the plan of action we agreed upon – build Edge Academy now, execute content development, create short-term and long-term strategies, empower customers, and scale with the business.


Q: What value does Edge Academy bring to its customers? 

A: IT and OT users are able to onboard with ZEDCloud quickly through videos, e-learning courses, and live training offerings. These resources are critical as companies work to build out their edge computing projects with ZEDEDA’s solution. Ultimately, we’re enabling anyone with a free, self-service training portal that they can easily and simply drive on their own, and we’re just getting started.


Q: How does one access Edge Academy? 

A: The great thing about it is – you don’t need to be a customer or partner to access Edge Academy. Anyone curious about ZEDEDA and our solution can register for a free account and explore what’s available. 

To get started, go directly to and click “Register” to create your free account. Don’t worry, we won’t share your information with third parties. Once you’re in, we highly recommend enrolling into the “Getting Started with ZEDCloud” e-learning course. It’s a great primer and takes less than an hour to complete!


Q: How often will Edge Academy resources be updated? 

A: We’re building! We have a comprehensive training roadmap in which new content is in development, and we’ll continue to roll out new training courses, videos, and updates as we move forward. 


Q: How can customers or partners contact you if they have any questions or feedback regarding Edge Academy or the Help Center? 

A: There are two ways to reach us: 1) submit a ticket through the Help Center, or 2) email us at [email protected]

Stay tuned for more information on Edge Academy in the upcoming months. In the meantime, feel free to check out our news page for the latest updates with ZEDEDA.



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