Why ZEDEDA is a Company For People with Open Source in their DNA

Nov 19, 2019

Why ZEDEDA is a Company For People with Open Source in their DNA

This diagram shows some of the open source projects that we work closely with at ZEDEDA. Many are managed by The Linux Foundation, which also oversees the LF Edge organization where EVE is open sourced.

At ZEDEDA, we believe that the open source community is a crucial component of the developer ecosystem. By sharing and building software together, we create a superior end product that can serve as a springboard for new innovations by companies both large and small. From ACRN to ZooKeeper, countless open source projects have played a pivotal role in the development of new technologies and best practices that move the entire industry forward.

Open source is in our DNA at ZEDEDA; it is foundational to all that we do. Our passion and deep respect for open source are the reasons why we donated code for Project EVE to LF Edge earlier this year, and it’s also why we help maintain projects like containerd and Xen — and build our own solutions on top of them. We strongly believe that the fastest path to innovation in edge computing is by creating open standards that we can all build on, which is why we knew EVE needed to be available to everyone as an open source project. ZEDEDA’s main product is a cloud-based controller that works with EVE to orchestrate edge deployments, but the underlying virtualization technology is free to use for anyone.

We recommend that attendees grab box lunches from the KubeCon lunch lines

We recommend that attendees grab box lunches from the KubeCon lunch lines; the closest box lunch pick up will be located in Hall C.

This vision for open source is set from the top, as our company co-founders have deep roots in the community, including serving on boards at the Apache Software Foundation, the Internet Architecture Board, and The Linux Foundation; being founding members of LF Edge; and serving as leaders from the IEEE, among others. We have an unwavering commitment to supporting our customers’ needs, but we’re also committed to building the open source community with our resources, including dedicating time to maintaining and contributing to projects.

As we continue on our mission to build a great product while supporting the open source community, we’re always looking to add to our strong, diverse team of people who find purpose in their work and support each other in the process. ZEDEDA offers opportunities to engage while growing your career. Our startup environment provides a place to make an immediate impact, participate in conversations with senior leadership, and, most importantly, challenge the status quo.

We seek world-class talent to work on the next frontier of computing: the technology that enables people to build container-based applications for the enterprise IoT edge. You can expect a work environment where the team is collaborative and open to your ideas. We tackle big challenges, working to enable the largest organizations in the world to build applications that take advantage of IoT-generated data and turn it into business insights.

We are driven by a shared purpose: the edge must be open. And we’ve built a team to not just think outside the box, but to erase the box and forge new pathways when necessary. If you want to make a lasting impact working on the evolution of some of today’s most important open source projects, let’s talk! Send us a message at [email protected].

If you’re at KubeCon, come by the Linux Foundation booth (SE 37) or join us at the special session BOF: Future of the Moby ecosystem: Maintainers, contributors, users, which will be moderated by Justin Cormack, Avi Deitcher, Gareth Rushgrove, and Roman Shaposhnik in Room 22 on Wednesday, November 20 from 1:30–3:00 p.m. Boxed lunches will be available in Hall C.



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