Real World Solutions at the Edge: Learn About the Future of Industrial Pump Automation — Webinar February 10

Feb 10, 2021

Real World Solutions at the Edge

ZEDEDA’s Open Orchestration Solution for the Distributed Edge

If you’ve ever wondered how open distributed edge orchestration software is implemented in the real world, we’ll show you how during our live webinar tomorrow, Wednesday, February 10.

After more than a year of collaboration with dozens of industrial edge technology and automation companies around the world, we officially introduced the general availability of our orchestration solution built from the ground up for distributed edge computing.

Now, in partnership with PeopleFlo, whose MachineEdge solution for the electrical pump industry is powered by Azure IoT and ZEDEDA, we are truly excited to walk attendees through both a demo of our edge orchestration solution and PeopleFlo’s application which brings together the physical and digital worlds. This enables pumps of all types to work more efficiently — saving energy, reducing carbon footprint, extending the useful life, lowering costs, and paving the way to future innovations.

ZEDEDA’s breakthrough, open orchestration solution for the distributed edge has been deployed for over a year in manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, and retail, in partnership with global enterprises including Rockwell Automation, Invenergy, BOBST, PeopleFlo, and Agora.

The webinar will feature:

  • Introduction to the ZEDEDA orchestration solution for the distributed edge
  • Case study featuring PeopleFlo; PeopleFlo is revolutionizing fluid technology through pump digitalization, engineering design and innovation.
  • Demonstrations of the PeopleFlo use case and ZEDEDA’s edge orchestration solution
  • Live Q&A

Product release highlights include:

  • A cloud-native edge orchestration solution that delivers the ultimate flexibility to customers by supporting any combination of Docker containers, Kubernetes clusters and virtual machines (VMs) for legacy applications, deployed on any edge computing node while connecting to any cloud
  • Operational best practices for uptime, security and simplicity to the field
  • Purpose-built for edge/OT by leveraging EVE-OS from the Linux Foundation’s LF Edge, insuring against lock-in and facilitating interoperability across an open ecosystem
  • Protects valuable edge computing resources deployed outside of data centers using its unrivaled and state of the art Zero Trust security architecture
  • A means to optimize data collection and management as the fuel for connected systems supporting AI and ML, applications and other edge innovations taking full advantage of the growth of 5G and other network types with higher speeds, and better economics

Mike Thompson, CTO of PeopleFlo and developer of MachineEdge will be sharing their journey as experts in the digitization of the pump industry, showing exactly how they are leveraging ZEDEDA as a ready-to-run solution, working at the edge and in the cloud, connected to Microsoft Azure’s IoT Hub.

Mike will share, in his own words, why PeopleFlo chose ZEDEDA due to the flexibility, security and scale that only comes with a solid, open edge orchestration solution. ZEDEDA leverages EVE-OS as its edge foundation, a universal, open source operating system for edge computing curated within Project EVE in the Linux Foundation’s LF Edge organization.

We look forward to seeing you there and will provide attendees with the PeopleFlo case study detailing the solution following the event. Ask questions, share your experiences, and convene with your peers in this free virtual event!

Date and Time: Feb 10, 2021 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Watch On-Demand Webinar:

(An on-demand recording of the webinar will be made available, along with the case study, to those who register; follow us on social media and stay connected).



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