Join Us at This Week’s EVE Design Summit and Modernize Edge Computing

June 21, 2022


Edge computing is an emerging technology field that isn’t easy to understand. The phrase is meant to be analogous to “cloud computing,” except that “edge” compute devices are not located in a traditional data center. Both depend on running software on a virtualized layer, so that multiple applications can be processed by the same physical device. On one hand, large tech companies install and manage cloud computing virtualization and devices, so that you can focus on the apps. On the other hand, they don’t offer device installation, software virtualization, and application management on your hardware in the field. Without deploying a battalion of IT staff with the hardware, how can you achieve the cost savings and benefits of remote edge management and software virtualization?

Linux Foundation’s LF Edge Project EVE (edge virtualization engine) to the rescue! It’s an open-source project that combines a minimalist bare metal operating system and type 1 hypervisor, with a secure (TLS) remote management API, so that application deployment can be managed analogous to cloud computing. Similar to the cloud, all the complex infrastructure, network mapping, and security framework is done for you, so that you can focus on the apps.

At ZEDEDA, we believe in EVE and we see that edge computing is positioned to take off like cloud computing. That’s why ZEDEDA leverages the open-source EVE-OS from LF Edge. With this combination, companies receive benefits from edge automation cost-savings without sacrificing security. ZEDEDA also delivers a distributed, cloud-native architecture to the edge, enabling the simplified management and security of all edge applications and nodes, at scale, without the risk of dependency on proprietary solutions.

Both LF Edge and ZEDEDA will be sponsors at this week’s EVE Design Summit, Thursday, June 23, 2022 in Berlin, Germany. As an attendee, you’ll get technical deep dives of new and upcoming features from several core EVE team developers. We’ve also scheduled an afternoon of insightful strategy workshops with your peers. It’s not too late to register, so feel free to join the summit and start modernizing edge computing with like-minded industry and community members! Hope to see you there!



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