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November 11, 2021

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Update as of November 23, 2021: Unfortunately due to the increasing COVID outbreaks in the region and related travel restrictions, the broader EVE Design Summit in Berlin has been postponed to 2022. The local EVE working group will still convene together on December 8; for more information please see the registration link at the end of this article.

My experience with open source community development is that inevitably, I have gotten to work with truly outstanding engineers. That’s the fortunate position I’ve found myself in once again since being employed by ZEDEDA, the company funding top contributors of LF Edge Project EVE. The team has been incredibly exciting and fun to learn from and I’ve significantly grown my knowledge of how to secure the edge while at the same time making it possible to go “cloud-native”. Extending cloud techniques to the edge removes the burden of managing legacy OS stacks that are cumbersome and monolithic (and painful for app developers to integrate with). I honestly feel better knowing that this project will improve the safety and security of us all by helping industry protect vital computing environments at the edge against cyber attacks and ransomware.

Rather than continue this blog raving about the value of EVE, and the awesome people behind it, I’m instead going to invite you to join me next month at an IN PERSON conference to learn more about EVE and meet the community behind it. The inaugural EVE Design Summit 2021 will be held on December 8-9 in Berlin, Germany. Yes you read that right — 2021. Better act fast to plan your travel!

On day one you’ll get to meet the EVE developer community and participate in:

  • Deep dives on EVE and EVE-OS featuring topics like networking, storage, security, release management, test and validation, and more
  • Industry-specific discussions to learn how EVE is used today in the field
  • Small group discussions and hacking
  • A sponsored evening social event! 

On day two the discussion will focus on open infrastructure:

  • How open hardware and software is helping organizations digitally transform their operations
  • Methods to improve efficiency through instrumentation and automation (Be a part of the fight against climate change!)
  • Ways that open collaboration helps you run faster than the competition

Although we’ve all gotten used to working virtually, I do miss the “hallway track” aspect of in-person conferences and the “water cooler chats” at the office. I also miss hanging out with my peers and getting to know them. I’ve only met a couple of the core EVE developers in person, since the majority are based in Europe. This is the first opportunity for many EVE developers to meet, hack, and interact with industry users in person, and you are invited to join this geekfest. I’m going to be there — can’t wait!

Register for the event at no cost and join the conversation! 



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