Get to Know ZEDEDA’s New VP of Product, Eva Feng

March 20, 2024

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  • How has your experience in cloud computing brought you to where we find you today, and what interests you about edge computing?
    I’ve been working in tech for 18 years. I started my career as a software developer and then became a solution engineer, but I’ve spent 90% of my career working with Cloud SaaS products and enterprise services. My cloud experience has provided me with an understanding of the scalability, flexibility and efficiency industry leaders require to deliver digital solutions. Over the last many years, I’ve also witnessed the explosive growth of data generated by devices at the edge. I’ve been particularly interested in how this technological revolution is changing the way we process and analyze data by bringing computation close to the source. This shift from centralized cloud architecture to distributed edge networks has opened up a new world of opportunities. It has improved efficiency and real-time decision-making, while reducing latency, privacy, and security.
  • Can you share more about your background and experience in product management?
    When I started my tech career, SaaS products weren’t mainstream yet. So my job as a solution engineer was to work with customers to customize and install software solutions. As a solution engineer and software developer on the customer side, I quickly realized I had the desire to get to know the customer better, so I became a presales engineer. I also realized that once we truly knew the customer, we could deliver better and more customized solutions.Shortly thereafter, I became a business development manager and then spent a lot of time with customers truly understanding their business needs and gaps. During this process, I found myself wishing our products could do all of the things they were asking for. So that’s how I found my passion in product management; I wanted to take the knowledge I had gained working in our customers’ markets to build a better product. This passion has led me to a journey of product leadership positions at organizations like ServiceNow, AWS, and Twilio where I worked as Head of Product before joining ZEDEDA.
  • What attracted you to ZEDEDA, and what excites you most about the company’s vision, mission, and position in the edge computing space?
    ZEDEDA’s commitment to drive openness in the edge ecosystem and to enable developers and enterprise leaders to fully unlock edge computing capabilities is particularly attractive. ZEDEDA’s innovative technology stack and its leadership position in the edge computing space also made this a compelling opportunity.Aside from the company itself, I am very excited that I get to work with seasoned data and senior leadership teams with extensive career histories in network, IoT, software, and the cloud. In addition, I love being part of a company with such a diverse and inclusive culture. My team members are people from all over the world with diverse backgrounds. I was confident that I’d love being a part of such a company.
  • What are your goals for driving ZEDEDA’s product growth and impact in the industry over the next year or two?
    My primary goal is to ensure ZEDEDA continues to deliver best-in-class edge computing solutions that enable our partners and help our customers address their evolutionary needs. I am also committed to driving product innovation and expanding our market presence, including entering into new segments and industries and addressing different customer use cases. I’d also like to foster strategic collaborations across our partner ecosystem.As a member of the executive leadership team, I want to continually build a high performing product team that aligns with ZEDEDA’s mission, vision and values. To do this, I will empower the team to execute our product roadmap with excellence.
  • What aspects of ZEDEDA’s roadmap are you particularly excited about? How do you see these shaping the future of the industry?
    I’m looking forward to leveraging edge AI to improve our customers’ work efficiency, including simplifying edge infrastructure management through automation. I think edge AI will unlock new use cases and business opportunities across different industries, from oil and gas, which is already leveraging edge AI,  to manufacturing, retail, and health care. There are endless opportunities. In addition, by providing a unifying orchestration and management platform that bridges the gap between edge management and aging infrastructure, ZEDEDA can continue to shape the future of the edge computing industry.
  • What do you see as the biggest opportunities for ZEDEDA in the current and future market landscape? How will you and your team capitalize on these opportunities?
    The next generation of IoT devices are edge nodes, and the explosion of data at the edge has increased the demand for low-latency, high-performance applications and fast computing. The need for edge computing solutions is growing dramatically and they need to be scalable, secure, easy to deploy, and easy to manage. ZEDEDA is well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity by delivering our comprehensive edge orchestration platform to address these edge complexities.
  • In your opinion, how will ZEDEDA shape the trajectory of the edge computing industry in the coming years?
    ZEDEDA is already shaping the future of the edge computing industry by providing a unified platform for the secure deployment, orchestration and management of edge applications, and we’re poised to continue driving innovation by promoting open source and empowering organizations to harness the full power of edge computing.The days of uploading everything to the cloud and waiting to process and analyze it are becoming a thing of the past, and ZEDEDA is breaking down the barriers for adoption and entry into edge computing and enabling everyone, from small businesses to enterprises to accelerate their journeys to the edge. One of the ways we’re doing that is by providing a clear path to learn about the edge at no cost through ZEDEDA Edge Academy training materials and certifications.As a market and thought leader in the edge computing industry, ZEDEDA is also driving industry standardization and advancing ecosystem collaboration through our growing marketplace. These are just a few of the ways we’re shaping the trajectory of the edge computing industry.
  • What is one thing you’d like to share about ZEDEDA with our broader audience?
    In the spirit of ZEDEDA’s guiding principles, courage, considerateness, candor, curiosity, and collaboration, which we call the “Five Cs,”  I’d like to highlight the company’s commitment to an inclusive culture and selfishly encourage more women and members of marginalized groups to join ZEDEDA. Having been in tech for 18 years, I’ve often observed that the tech industry has lacked diversity, so I really want to share how welcoming and open ZEDEDA is and how dedicated we are to continue building our diverse and inclusive culture. I encourage you to join us, come try our product, try the edge industry, and explore opportunities with the leader in edge computing.



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