AI EdgeLabs and ZEDEDA Partner to Deliver Comprehensive Edge Security Solution for Distributed Infrastructure

June 14, 2023

AI Edge Labs Partnership

We are joining forces to address distributed edge environments’ unique edge security challenges.

AI EdgeLabs, a global provider of edge-native end-to-end security solutions, and ZEDEDA, a leading provider of open, distributed, cloud-native edge orchestration and management solutions, have announced a strategic partnership to address the unique security challenges of distributed edge environments. The partnership aims to deliver a comprehensive cyber security solution that can be easily deployed across multiple locations, providing real-time multi-layered protection for edge infrastructure at scale.

Edge-distributed environments present a range of complexities, including a lack of physical perimeters, heterogeneous devices, limited resources for traditional security solutions, diverse network infrastructures, and tens of thousands of devices running on legacy protocols. Therefore, an extensive security framework is required to secure such environments effectively.

The AI EdgeLabs and ZEDEDA’s solution addresses the unique security challenges of distributed edge infrastructure. It provides a multi-layered security approach to address AI-driven attacks in real time.

The joint solution from AI EdgeLabs and ZEDEDA combines two essential capabilities. The first is crypto-based device identification, which eliminates the need for local device login credentials and incorporates measured boot and remote attestation throughout the entire stack, from firmware to OS, container, and application. The second capability is runtime edge-based security, powered by AI, offering multi-layered protection for edge infrastructure in real time.

“Traditional network security solutions built for the data center struggle to address the requirements and diversity of constrained resources associated with edge devices. Furthermore, the scale of thousands of sites overwhelms existing data center-based management paradigms,” said Michael Maxey, VP of Business Development at ZEDEDA. “Both the ZEDEDA and AI EdgeLabs solutions have been designed to address the requirements of edge environments and combine to deliver industry-leading security for devices that live outside of data centers. We’re excited to partner with AI EdgeLabs to deliver a comprehensive cyber security solution for distributed infrastructure.”

“By combining ZEDEDA’s edge orchestration and management capabilities with AI EdgeLabs autonomous security technology, we offer organizations an unmatched lightweight AI-based proactive solution to manage and secure both physical and virtual edge environments at scale. As an outcome organizations significantly advance resilience against sophisticated and decentralized IOT Edge attacks and ensure the overall efficiency of edge deployments, their performance, and allocated costs,” said Inna Ushakova, CEO at AI EdgeLabs.

The joint solution provides numerous benefits, including improved unlimited security scalability across distributed infrastructure, real-time threat detection and response with 99.9% precision even with intermittent connectivity and limited bandwidth, improved cost efficiency with a minimum 15% reduction in total security costs, and enhanced compliance by preventing sensitive data transmission over the network.

To integrate and deploy AI EdgeLabs and ZEDEDA’s joint solution functionality, users can access it through the ZEDEDA Marketplace with a single click. ZEDEDA’s orchestration solution remotely manages the underlying infrastructure. At the same time, AI EdgeLabs deploys lightweight containers on each host, acting as gateways for internal communication.

Please see the joint solution brief for more information about the ZEDEDA and AI EdgeLabs partnership and our comprehensive cyber security solution for distributed infrastructure.



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