What We Do

The data that will propel your business to the next level exists at the infrastructure edge. We allow you to capture it, secure it, and use it meaningfully.


Growth of IoT Data and Cloud

IoT data growth is projected at an exponential rate. Majority of this data is transitory and meant for real time decision making such as anomaly detection, but even if ten percent of this data needs to be saved and processed in the cloud, the data generated each year will exceed normal cloud usage by 10 times.


Edge Computing is Inevitable

Real time decision making has to happen at the IoT edge to eliminate latency and supplement cloud processing for more efficient data analysis and storage. Deploying edge computing has to be intelligent and not a blank check exercise throwing proprietary hardware at the problem with endless integration efforts.

The Solution

The Only Way to Do Edge Computing is Edge Virtualization

Intelligently deploying edge computing resources has to be thoughtfully architected. Leveraging technology from data centers or throwing containers out at the edge are at best partial solutions. Edge virtualization simplifies operational complexity and future proofs the edge for ongoing evolution of your connected operations.



The ZEDEDA Advantage

  • Zero Touch

    Simplify operational complexity with plug-and-play capabilities

  • Freedom of Any

    Deploy any type of application on any hardware connected to any cloud

  • Zero Trust

    Protect your edge with modern security architectural model

  • IoT Scale

    Support unlimited number of IoT devices and yottabytes of data

  • Cloud Native

    Leverage open source and extend cloud computing benefits to the edge