Your Easy Button for Scaling Azure IoT at the Edge Video

The diversity of hardware and software across the distributed edge landscape keeps many edge projects from scaling effectively, plus it’s important to architect with an open foundation to maximize flexibility for the long term. ZEDEDA and Microsoft are making it easier to address the challenges that organizations face at the edge as they scale their Azure IoT projects.

ZEDEDA’s integration with Azure IoT helps customers like BOBST accelerate projects from PoC to production. BOBST, a global packaging equipment and technology provider with operations in 50 countries, envisioned a more efficient way to monitor, manage, maintain, and optimize their factory assets, while delivering new value-added services to their customers.

Join speakers from BOBST, Microsoft and ZEDEDA and learn how:

  • The partnership with ZEDEDA allowed BOBST to focus on its core expertise in printing, substrate processing and converting equipment
  • BOBST leveraged the ZEDEDA solution to manage its fleet of Azure IoT edge devices, speeding production readiness by six months
  • ZEDEDA’s integration with Azure IoT solves the challenges of provisioning and securing devices and applications, full deployment lifecycle management, and accelerates the collection and transmission of data to Azure

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