Taming the App Zoo: Managing Your Menagerie at the Edge

In the early days of cloud computing, some of the first workloads were “lift and shift”—existing workloads that were moved from data centers to the new cloud platforms. This changed over time, and customers began to build cloud-native applications using platform services. These native services freed developers from having to focus on the underlying infrastructure. As edge adoption soars, it’s time for this evolution in distributed environments.

Industry experts Paul Nashawaty (Practice Leader and Lead Principal Analyst, The Futurum Group) and Michael Maxey (VP Technical BD, ZEDEDA) discuss edge application management’s past, present, and future. Gain insights into overcoming common challenges, navigating the evolving landscape, and unlocking the power of modern architecture.

Listen in to learn how to solve critical edge challenges by:

  • Streamlining modernization efforts by integrating edge deployments seamlessly into your existing application setup
  • Bridging the gap between legacy and modern applications at the edge
  • Best practices for addressing edge diversity including hardware, networks, security, and more

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