Scaling Digitization for Your Industrial Operations Video

Digitization has been an increasing area of focus for industrial organizations in recent years and the need for investment has been further accelerated by the COVID pandemic. Scaling these investments requires the right tools to simplify remote deployment and management of Industrial IoT systems in the field.

Watch this webinar featuring speakers from ZEDEDA, Inductive Automation, Arrow Electronics, and Advantech to learn more about:

  • How Inductive Automation is partnering with ZEDEDA to help integrators and operators scale their Ignition deployments.
  • How this combination is further complemented by Advantech’s robust embedded hardware portfolio and Arrow’s global distribution and services.
  • How, in addition to providing simple and secure remote orchestration of distributed compute assets, ZEDEDA adds the ability to consolidate additional workloads alongside Ignition Edge, including existing Windows-based apps.

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