Accelerating Edge Innovation with Next-Gen Collaborative Solutions​

Watch out edge, the containers are coming.

Are you currently running an edge computing project but find yourself struggling with ensuring security and innovation across a diverse application stack?

Edge environments are often distant, isolated, and in large numbers of locations. They usually lack both on-site IT staff and the perimeter security typically found in centralized data centers. This puts new and high requirements for the application orchestration tooling, to accomplish stellar security, efficiency and level of automation for your Windows and Linux applications respectively.

Join Carl Moberg, CTO and Co-Founder of Avassa, and Michael Maxey, VP of Business Development of ZEDEDA for an exciting webinar where we explore the powerful collaboration between ZEDEDA and Avassa. Discover how our combined expertise enables seamless end-to-end orchestration and heightened security across the entire edge computing stack.

In this webinar, we will dive into the following topics:

  • How to break down silos and enhance edge application orchestration capabilities for a streamlined workflow.
  • A comprehensive overview of the full stack solution, encompassing hardware, hypervisor, OS, container runtime, and integration with modern IT operations stacks.
  • One-click deployment for easy access to Avassa’s container management solution, empowering customers with fast-tracked container management.
  • & more!

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