ZEDEDA Zero Touch Kubernetes Orchestration for the Distributed Edge Product Demo Video

The edge is emerging as the next frontier of computing and many organizations are looking to replicate the benefits of cloud-native development closer to the source of data. Kubernetes will play an important role in that process, but extending Kubernetes to edge locations distributed outside of traditional data centers requires the right security model and an orchestration backend that can scale to large fleets of clusters built with a diverse landscape of hardware. Distributed edge solutions also need to support autonomous operation in the field, legacy investments and the needs and skill sets of both Operations Technology (OT) and IT organizations.

ZEDEDA and SUSE have collaborated to offer a comprehensive solution for managed Kubernetes at the distributed edge to support IoT, AI, 5G, network virtualization and security use cases in any vertical including Manufacturing, Energy, Retail and more. The solution is built on an open foundation which produces a network effect in the broader solution ecosystem. Both ZEDEDA and SUSE have a strong heritage in open source and this collaboration is no exception. ZEDEDA leverages the open source EVE-OS from the Linux Foundation’s LF Edge organization and with Rancher, SUSE is now a leading driver behind K3s, in addition to their long-standing contributions to the Linux community.

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn key challenges for deploying Kubernetes at the distributed edge
  • Hear how ZEDEDA and SUSE’s collaboration greatly simplifies the deployment of Kubernetes clusters at the edge with just a few clicks and no specialized IT or developer skills required
  • See a live demo of the joint solution

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