Secure Edge Application Orchestration for Platform Teams and Developers

ZEDEDA and Avassa have teamed to seamlessly extend deployment, security and orchestration capabilities across distributed edge environments.

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Solution Overview

Together, ZEDEDA and Avassa enable end-to-end orchestration through the entire stack, ensuring security and visibility from hardware to applications at the edge. The solution:


  • Delivers a full stack spanning hardware, hypervisor, OS, container runtime, and integrations with modern IT operations stacks to deploy and monitor applications.
  • Prevents siloed application stacks and streamlines your edge application orchestration capabilities
  • Provides fully automated deployment of container applications within customers’ distributed ZEDEDA environments
  • Enables customers to easily access Avassa’s container management solution through one-click deployment.
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How We Do It

The joint solution provides a flexible and robust foundation to support existing workloads with ZEDEDA and extends easily to modern container application stacks with Avassa’s edge platform.

About Avassa

Avassa is a container orchestration and monitoring solution purpose-built for your edge, while keeping the developer self-service experience application teams have grown to love in the central cloud.

Your application teams can apply deep automation with a declarative configuration in distributed environments, where application location matters. Avassa enables your team to orchestrate containerized application workloads using tools and practices well-known from the cloud in environments.

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