Operationalize Your Distributed Edge for Scale



This webinar provides an overview of the industry’s first open orchestration solution for the distributed edge, which has been deployed for over a year in manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, and retail, in partnership with large, global enterprises including Rockwell Automation, Invenergy, BOBST, PeopleFlo, and Agora.

The webinar features:

  • A demonstration of the platform
  • A case study showcase featuring PeopleFlo: PeopleFlo is revolutionizing fluid technology through pump digitalization, engineering design and innovation. See how ZEDEDA enables them to transform performance of control loop machines – pumps, motors and control valves -that lowers both life-cycle cost and carbon dioxide emissions for our planet.
  • Q&A

Product release highlights include:

  • A cloud-based remote orchestration solution for the distributed edge by leveraging EVE-OS from the LF Edge, insuring against vendor lock-in and facilitating interoperability across an open ecosystem
  • A state of the art Zero Trust security architecture
  • A cloud-native platform with full-stack remote orchestration and observability for any IoT edge computing hardware
  • A means to optimize data collection and management as the fuel for connected systems supporting AI and ML, applications and other edge innovations taking full advantage of the growth of 5G and other network types with higher speeds, and better economic

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