Kubernetes at the Wellsite




Kubernetes is the most prevalent container orchestration solution on the market today. It’s a defacto standard for containerized application management. But as the explosion of IoT data coupled with bandwidth costs, latency, and security force users to move applications that would have traditionally run in the cloud towards the edge, the heterogeneity of the edge introduces unique IoT edge orchestration challenges in a scalable and secure fashion.

Deploying Kubernetes on constrained edge devices isn’t as easy as simply copy/pasting Kubernetes across the board. The footprint of the traditional Kubernetes that runs on servers in the data center is too large for constrained devices, and additionally, many industrial operators are running legacy applications that are business-critical but not compatible with containerization.

To understand the challenges and possible solutions for deploying Kuberenetes, view the session “Kubernetes at the Wellsite” from the “Computing On the Edge with Kubernetes” conference to learn about:

  • The need for Kubernetes at the Edge
  • The unique requirements Kubernetes at the edge brings
  • How Schlumberger, ZEDEDA, and Rancher are working together to create real-life opportunities at the edge

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