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Business Challenges

Building IoT and edge computing solutions is complex – an exercise of integrating disparate solutions and domain expertise. ZEDEDA has eliminated the complexity with an open foundation to automate the orchestration of solutions at the distributed edge with choice of technologies in a scalable and secure manner.

Future-proofing Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

An open edge helps you take control of your data the moment it’s created, enabling you with a multi-cloud strategy that provides freedom to adapt as your business evolves with no changes to underlying infrastructure

With ZEDEDA’s cloud-based orchestration solution:

  • Get a consistent device and app orchestration experience spanning any use case, cloud, hardware, app or service provider, without risk of lock-in
  • Support data flows from any distributed edge compute source to any combination of on-prem systems and clouds, both within your organization and to your service providers and partners
  • Streamline meeting both OT and IT stakeholder needs spanning uptime, efficiency, safety, cost, security, privacy and governance with a single orchestration solution

Deploying AI/ML at the Distributed Edge

As your business needs evolve, you need the ability to seamlessly deploy AI/ML apps at the edge to locally process data, gain actionable insights and make real-time decisions for any use case.

With ZEDEDA’s cloud-based orchestration solution:

  • Deploy containerized AI/ML apps alongside existing apps in virtual machines (VMs) on same distributed edge infrastructure
  • Support any AI/ML framework (e.g. Tensorflow, OpenVINO)
  • Prevent lock-in to orchestration tools that only support one acceleration hardware architecture (e.g. GPU, FPGA)
  • Assign CPU cores and co-processing silicon to specific apps for resource optimization and load balancing
  • Deploy AI/ML apps to edge computing resources at scale with a single click

Optimizing Edge Infrastructure Investments

You need to make decisions today that drive business outcomes while maximizing infrastructure investments and lowering CAPEX spend in the future. This requires investing in technologies that provide you with flexibility, agility and the ability to do more with less.

With ZEDEDA’s cloud based orchestration solution:

  • Extend the life of your assets by consolidating distributed edge workloads without infrastructure changes
  • Orchestrate existing software investments in VMs while deploying new innovations in containers and clusters (Dockers and Kubernetes)
  • Future-proof for any deployment pattern on any hardware (e.g. CPU, GPU, FPGA) with open APIs that mitigate lock-in to any specific technology or provider

Securing Your Operations

Addressing security requirements to maximize uptime, safety and data integrity when compute resources are deployed outside of secure data centers with no physical or network perimeters is challenging. The distributed edge requires a zero trust security model spanning both technology and people.

With ZEDEDA’s cloud-based orchestration solution:

  • Eliminate spoofing, detect anomalies and ensure device integrity with hardware root of trust (e.g. TPM)
  • Deploy security tools (e.g. OT/IT-specific protocol inspection, network segmentation, SD-WAN) alongside apps for analytics and data management
  • Establish communication policies between apps and any on-prem and cloud system through distributed firewall capability
  • Ensure all software update requests are initiated by your edge assets to prevent access by hackers
  • Prevent direct login to your edge devices and remotely disable I/O ports to protect against local tampering

Providing Remote Access to Distributed Assets

Accessing your distributed infrastructure remotely for visibility, software upgrades, security patches, and deploying new apps requires remote access without introducing risk to  your organization.

With ZEDEDA’s cloud-based orchestration solution:

  • Enable remote access to edge assets and monitor and orchestrate both hardware and software through remote terminal sessions
  • Gain full visibility with audit trails to comply with regulatory requirements as both internal resources and 3rd party service providers access your assets deployed in the field
  • Grant only necessary access to your employees and partners based with full Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Temporarily open up I/O ports (e.g. USB) to enable a field technician to install software locally

Generate New Revenue Streams

As you continue to innovate on IoT solutions and services to generate new revenue streams you need the ability to orchestrate these offers securely at scale. This includes increasingly interconnecting different business ecosystems to drive new customer outcomes.

With ZEDEDA’s cloud-based orchestration solution:

  • Create your own branded orchestration solution and curated app store as an OEM, machine builders, service provider, telco, network operator or SI that builds and sells edge solutions
  • Build and monetize edge applications for your customer base
  • Scale an “Edge Compute aaS” strategy by leasing multi-tenant distributed edge compute resources to customers while protecting their IP and preserving their data privacy

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