451 Research: Scaling Edge Computing in the Real World

451 Research: Scaling Edge Computing in the Real WorldEdge computing is a powerful new tool in deploying mission-critical workloads. The combination of increasingly capable hardware with flexible, modular software built on a cloud-native foundation rounds out the continuum of compute and analytics from the point of data origination to the cloud.

This paper discusses the practical realities of real-world edge implementations when moving beyond small proof-of-concept trials to large-scale deployments.

  • The best execution venue for workloads in the continuum between the edge and the cloud is determined based on each organization’s priorities for performance, cost and security.
  •  Use cases that leverage edge computing are frequently less expensive on a five-year basis when compared to cloud-centric models.
  • Investing in open, standards-based edge management and security infrastructure prevents vendor lock-in and enables any permutation of edge or cloud compute models

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