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Who we are

Freedom of Choice for Connected Operations

The days of locked in architectures and siloed proprietary hardware are over. ZEDEDA provides centralized visibility, control and protection of the edge as a cloud-delivered service. Leveraging edge virtualization, we make it as easy for enterprises to deploy, run and secure gateways and applications at the edge as it is in the cloud.

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What we do

Centralized Visibility, Control and Protection for Your Virtualized Edge


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Why it matters

Data is the Currency of the Future

Digital transformation is not just about modernizing your operations. Value is created by developing insights from legacy and IoT data for benchmarking, predictive analytics and machine learning. Optimizing your edge will reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, grow revenue and improve customer experience.

Reduction in Cost of Deployment

Why we are unique

Pioneers in Edge Virtualization

Before the cloud, most computing at the edge of the network was on Windows desktops or Unix workstations. Data centers and then clouds were formed to centralize compute power, but now there is so much data being generated at the infrastructure edge, compute has to shift there, too. This time, it has to be done better – with edge virtualization.

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