Miles to Go Before We Sleep…

by Zededa
February 26, 2018

I’ve spent over 2 decades in the networking industry and was there during the dial-up days of the Internet (and BBS). One thing that has always amazed me about the networking business is the insatiable need for connectivity and bandwidth.

From places, people and most recently things; we are on the path of connecting everything.

But something is changing. We are not just connecting things, we are now also making these things increasingly intelligent. The growth in technologies like AI, ML and analytics has been exponential, and the need to process and learn from data is moving from the cloud to the actual physical place where the data is generated. The cost of compute in turn has come down dramatically, enabling now to run intelligent applications at an economic scale never seen before.

I believe this change signals a complete new wave of computing, where we will run intelligent, real-time applications in the edge of the network. Say hello to edge computing. This new wave of computing is poised to dwarf what we have seen so far with enterprise and cloud computing.

But this new wave comes with challenges. The current edge is dominated by embedded approaches and is unsuitable to support this new breed of cloud-native applications. Security remains a massive challenge, and the complexity of the stack is overwhelming. Self-driving cars, industrial robots, utility networks and mobile/multi-access edge computing are just a few examples where cloud-native and real-time edge applications need something better than the current available solutions.

This is why we founded ZEDEDA 14 months ago: to enable a secure and cloud-native edge that will power real-time and intelligent edge applications.

To realize that goal, we pulled together a distinguished roster of industry veterans from legendary technology companies with expertise in areas of operating systems, virtualization, networking, security, blockchain, cloud and application platforms.

This unique blend of skills combines with the team’s deep connections to core open-source projects and standardization bodies. The team’s work has directly contributed to software and system patents as well as industry standards used by billions of people around the world today.

At the same time, we spent a lot of time talking to future customers and partners to really understand their needs, what the key issues are they are facing today in this journey to the cloud-native edge, and make sure we are totally aligned on the long-term vision.

Our solution will be going into customer trials later this year, and I am super thrilled for what is in store for ZEDEDA. Follow us on your favorite social media to stay updated or reach out to get involved!